[Music Video Theory] Dream Catcher Horror Series – Chase Me

Welcome to my latest attempt at interpreting music videos. I will be posting 4 posts for Dream Catcher’s horror-themed music videos, which are all interlinked. I will be posting the theories in the order in which they occur in chronological order (Fly High > You & I > Chase Me > Good Night) throughout the day. Like Monsta X’s review, I have a special code when I mention the members to make it easier to write.

Jiu – JIU
Sua – SUA
Siyeon – SY
Handong – HD
Yoohyun – YH
Dami – DM
Gahyeon – GY

Please note that I believe the scenes are somewhat jumbled and I have rearranged them to fit in with what I think is going on. 

Setting The Scene

Many, many centuries/decades passed. The camera in You and I and camera in Catch Me is proof of this.


The guy checks into room 808. From the start, it is known that he is a paranormal investigator and that he is investigating the haunted castle, where the girls are bound to (JIU closed the gates to the mansion in the Fly High video). As he struggles to get into the door, the lights flicker, and we see JIU standing in the hallway, holding a doll dressed in red. He sees her but when he directs his camera to her, she cannot be seen in the camera view.


Once he does get into his innocent looking room, he takes out his files that he had compiled on the girls and started to mark down that he saw JIU. However, his pencil broke and had a bloody nose. No doubt that the girls caused this time. He decides to take a rest, as a result.


The picture he had acquired is the same as the girls shown in Fly High and You & I, confirming that they are dead and that they have been dead for a very long time. I also remembered that they wore their kimonos in the reverse order, which is commonly associated with the dead.

Let The Scaring Begin…

During his rest, he is hypnotized by SUA. (The way she swung the pendant was like how she rang the bell in Fly High). He wakes up knowing she is there but after turning back, she is no longer there. The hypnosis seems to be the start of something as he starts seeing that his reflection is delayed, and he starts getting nightmares when he sleeps.


We are then shown a ritual scene, where DM is lying on the ground and all the members are surrounding her. One of the items around her, of interest, is the red doll, which JIU was holding onto (SUA is also in the middle). Their plan, whatever it is at this stage is taking into effect. As mentioned previously, JIU was leader after she became possessed/evil in You & I. The use of her doll in this ritual might be a transfer of leadership to another member. This will be important in the next video.


Each member takes a turn at tormenting the guy. SY holds the door in place, GY throws books onto the ground. JIU floats in the hallway. YH changes all the room numbers to room 808, confusing him in a later scene.


The Ending…

At the bridge of the song, we see him inspecting the surveillance system, which I assumed he installed himself. He sees confronting images of himself crawling away from something or someone. It isn’t shown on camera, but we see a flashback to JIU walking towards him. This convinces him that enough is enough, and he brings an axe to his room. He starts swinging the axe, the main goal being to break down the door and hotel, one step at a time.



However, when he steps back into the room, we do not see his room. Instead, we see a warm coloured room, shown as one of the rooms the girls used to play in. On the wall is that old picture of the group, enlarged. He smiles in the room, which I am not sure why he does so.


And that is my interpretation of the video. What do you think happened or do you agree with me? There are still many gaps that I am not sure of and despite looking into some other theories, I can’t think of anything that may fill up those gaps.

I will be posting my Good Night Music Video Theory after this one (The Final Part). If You haven’t read the theory for Fly High, CLICK HERE or if you haven’t read the theory for You & I, CLICK HERE.

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