[Music Video Theory] Dream Catcher Horror Series – Fly High

Welcome to my latest attempt at interpreting music videos. I will be posting 4 posts for Dream Catcher’s horror-themed music videos, which are all interlinked. I will be posting the theories in the order in which they occur in chronological order (Fly High > You & I > Chase Me > Good Night) throughout the day. Like Monsta X’s review, I have a special code when I mention the members to make it easier to write.

Jiu – JIU
Sua – SUA
Siyeon – SY
Handong – HD
Yoohyun – YH
Dami – DM
Gahyeon – GY

Please note that I believe the scenes are somewhat jumbled and I have rearranged them to fit in with what I think is going on. 

Setting The Scene

The girls were once happy and cheerful girls, shown in the very sunny and bright lighting at the start of the video. They seem to be living in this old mansion, which seems to be a boarding school.


How The Girls Became Evil?

The video starts off with JIU finding a spider in the courtyard while on one of their outings. She traps it in a jar and brings it into the mansion to keep as a pet.


After this time, the girls start becoming possessed one by one. We are not shown why this is case until the end. After JIU brings her new spider friend into the house, YH comes over with a magnifying glass and burns the spider alive, killing it. This somehow unleashes the spider’s cursed spirit (an important detail in You & I video), possessing the girl’s one by one.


YH might already be possessed prior to killing the spider as the way she moves in her solo closeup. While it was shown later on, YH spent a lot of time alone while in the mansion (her throwing the paper plane). It was likely during one of the lonely moments she came across the mirror in the garden, which drew her attention. Once she made contact, she becomes possessed, shown by the black paint dripping down the mirror afterwards. 


The cursed spider spirit caused GY and HD to become possessed. GY was strapped to the bed. Soon after, we see someone’s hand cover her eyes. As for HD, one moment we see her in a bathtub alive, the next, there is a slight tinge of pink in the water and hands are motionless. Possibly, the same person who possessed GY possed HD as well. 


Sua, Siyeon, Dami

SUA seems to be the leader in this video, as she is always sitting at the end of the table and attention is drawn to her at all times when they are together.


I don’t know how SY fits into my theory. She appears at the very start, holding her bunny doll looking towards the mansion as if she knows what is going to happen (and if that is the case, she was the very first member to be possessed, though I do not know how). She, along with SUA venture into the forest and obtain books (2 from of them, from the image below). It is during this adventure that SUA becomes possessed, as they come back wearing black cloaks.


DM most likely became possessed due to the books she was reading. DUA seemed to be holding two books and these books were placed onto the shelves. DM used those books to study music but they might have been cursed and caused her to become possessed also.


Member of Interest – JIU

The video focuses on JIU as the final unpossessed member. Unknown to her, the curse has already created an evil persona (shown when JIU walks in on herself playing the piano). This causes her to run.

As she is running out of the mansion, she constantly checks behind herself, as if she is scared. HOWEVER, I personally think that the evil version is running away from the good version. (Note the navy outfit she was wearing. It is the same as the navy outfit in the choreography shots, which is paired with gloomy skies. And gloomy skies occur because the brightness has disappeared – i.e. darkness arrived). Once evil JIU gets to the gate, she closes it (instead of running out), effectively sealing her and everyone else within the mansion.


I think if JIU, if she was 100% evil or 100% good, she would have kept the gate opened and ran out. Instead, there might be some good in JIU, leading to her thinking that closing the gate will be better for the rest of the world (and her friends). We see a shot of her standing on a white cliff, with blue butterflies flying about. They end up burning but the white setting remained, representing that some good is still within her.


The Ending

SUA is seen cutting into their image with a knife. Don’t know the significance of this scene. 


We then see the members playing around in the garden before it is shown the members standing still. Seems to show the before possession and after possession.


And that is my interpretation of the video. What do you think happened or do you agree with me? There are still many gaps that I am not sure of and despite looking into some other theories, I can’t think of anything that may fill up those gaps.

I will be posting my You & I Music Video Theory after this one. Chase Me and Good Night will be published soon after.

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