[Music Video Theory] Dream Catcher Horror Series – Good Night

Welcome to my latest attempt at interpreting music videos. I will be posting 4 posts for Dream Catcher’s horror-themed music videos, which are all interlinked. I will be posting the theories in the order in which they occur in chronological order (Fly High > You & I > Chase Me > Good Night) throughout the day. Like Monsta X’s review, I have a special code when I mention the members to make it easier to write.

Jiu – JIU
Sua – SUA
Siyeon – SY
Handong – HD
Yoohyun – YH
Dami – DM
Gahyeon – GY

Setting The Scene

The video opens up with the guy in his office, which seems to be filled with research into ghosts and darkness. It makes me think like he is some sort of evil destroyer, seeking out evil spirits and removing them from their setting.


The Forest

We then see YH and SY running throughout the forest in coloured dresses. It seems like they are running away from someone (it is shown to be the guy – I think). However, they don’t seem to be hiding from whoever they are running from. Instead, SY looks like she is checking something. Halfway during the video, we see him get a little too close to them. So YH and SY create 3 stick people and hang them in the tree for him.


The Book and The Mirrors

The guy has a chained book on his shelf. He takes the book and proceeds to unlock it and read it. In the book, it shows how the girls are trapped inside in the book. Their ghost may be bound to the mansion but the evil beings are shown to be inside the book. GY is seen inside the book, falling into darkness. SUA is shown to be held onto by shrunken hands. All of these shows how the members are trapped.  Some of them seem to be stuck in mirrors, which show the parallel universe to the one the guy is in. 


Opening the book may have been a bad idea, as the girls start to reappear around him within the mirrors.  He approaches the mirror, where he sees JIU once again.


We then see 3 girls (DM, JIU and HD) staring back at him. They do another ritual, allowing DAMI to enter the universe the guy is in and steal the locked book. They take pages out of the book and burn them, setting the trapped members free. (Sua doesn’t burn but the leaves and hands on her do). The passing of leadership might be present here as DAMI is in charge of saving the members.



The final stage of their plan is to switch places with him. They somehow distract him by messing up his place, dropping the dream catcher in the process. He goes over to pick it up and realizes that is a mistake (he remembers the 3 stick figures from the forest). He suddenly becomes trapped in the mirror, while the 3 girls are free. Once they are free, they don black cloaks with gold lining.


At the end, we see all them together once again. Each wearing the dame black cloaks. JIU has returned to be a leader and one of the girls end up dropping the book. It is safe to assume that they transferred him out of the mirror and into the book. Dropping the book in the forest where nobody would find it seems to be an excellent way of getting rid of their problem.


And that is it. All 4 music video theories and how they are interlinked done. Apologies for how delayed this is. I had to postpone it due to a busy workload and once again for finetuning purposes.

So, do you agree or do you think there is something else?

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