[Music Video Theory] Dream Catcher Horror Series – You & I

Welcome to my latest attempt at interpreting music videos. I will be posting 4 posts for Dream Catcher’s horror-themed music videos, which are all interlinked. I will be posting the theories in the order in which they occur in chronological order (Fly High > You & I > Chase Me > Good Night) throughout the day. Like Monsta X’s review, I have a special code when I mention the members to make it easier to write.

Jiu – JIU
Sua – SUA
Siyeon – SY
Handong – HD
Yoohyun – YH
Dami – DM
Gahyeon – GY

Please note that I believe the scenes are somewhat jumbled and I have rearranged them to fit in with what I think is going on. 

Setting The Scene


The events of the You & I music video is YH’s nightmare. She was possessed (in my mind) when she killed the spider but this could have been a weak curse (as the spider had to be killed before the full curse got to the other members), so the spider’s hold onto YH was weak. So when she is transferred to the nightmare, the curse is lifted and she follows the rules set by the other members (who were strongly possessed). For example, she follows SY and becomes a photographer (as she didn’t know how to get out). There is also a change in leadership, as SY was also the leader. This could have occurred during the forest trip in Fly High.




Once each member was possessed, they get transferred to the nightmare (an alternate reality) alongside SY. We don’t see much of the others except for DM, JIU, SY and YH. HD is bound, GY interacts with her reflection, SUA is around. Not sure why some members are shown in a limited way and why they are where they are.

Dami & The Glass Dome

For DM, her inexperienced magic powers cause her to become stuck in the dome. As her magic matures, she magicked up a stick and broke the glass.


Yoohyun’s Retransition to Evil (again)

While taking a picture, YH encounters a lady, who turns out to be the spider. Proof that YH had her curse lifted is that she became scared of the presence of the spider. She is knocked out. She then wakes up again with the evil inside her.



JIU at the start is running through the halls. I assumed she had some ‘good’ within her because as she ran around, she looked genuinely concerned and scared. She stops at a spinning top, clearly not want to stop it spinning. Why she stopped? Nobody knows but it seems like she does – as if stopping the top will cause something bad to happen. One of the scenes showing an evil spirit almost getting to her, but we don’t see the aftermath of that close encounter.



It seems like JIU is helping YH by doing some ritual that allows YH the chance to run to a portal that would get her out of the nightmare. That is what we are made to think. But in reality, the dark spirit got to JIU (as I said, we didn’t see the aftermath) and caused her to become fully evil. She baits YH into thinking this plan might work and that she can escape. My question is why would JIU help YH become free while the rest of the members are standing around them and not doing anything? SY is the ring-leader (she is the one in charge of the photos), so why doesn’t she stop them? Because JIU is evil and is tempting YH. Everyone else knows about the plan, everyone besides YH.



The evil spirit is lifted (temporarily) allowing YH to run towards the now closing portal (I think this is linked to the top. If JIU stopped the top, she would have closed the portal and therefore she could not convince YH that this will work).



The leader consistently changes, with JIU becoming the leader after she becomes evil. Hence, why nobody stopped her. 

YH runs towards the portal but it closes. And at the same time, the evil returns, latching onto her. As a result, she passes out and the members surround her once again, waking her up.



And that is my interpretation of the video. What do you think happened or do you agree with me? There are still many gaps that I am not sure of and despite looking into some other theories, I can’t think of anything that may fill up those gaps.

I will be posting my Chase Me Music Video Theory after this one. Good Night will be published soon after. If you haven’t read the Fly High theory, the start of this story, CLICK HERE!

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