[Review] Kiss Me Like That – SHINHWA

With some groups in the industry at the moment, we are seeing unfortunate disbandment or the departure of some select members who want to venture on a different path. On the other hand, we see some groups sticking together by resigning their contracts. Shinhwa is prime example of this, especially since they are celebrating their 20th year anniversary. The legendary group has returned with Kiss Me Like That and with their special mini-album, Heart.

I am not sure what their portfolio was like prior to their 2012 comeback with Venus (though I know some of their old tracks such as Perfect Man, T.O.P and Brand New). Kiss Me Like That is a complete change up in their sound, going for a more acoustic sound with their release. And it is a very promising like that. It feels like a nice song to listen to if you want to escape the reliance on EDM nowadays, Even their rap section follows the acoustic sound, which I thought allowed the song to remain consistency (this is also another example of how consistency can be a good thing). The chorus felt like an Western pop song’s chorus, reminding me of a few songs. I like their vocals and the rapping in the song, overall. Having listened to the song a number of times prior to writing this review, I haven’t grown bored of it and it happens to be the case that I cannot find myself being bored of it. Overall, an amazing song.

There is nothing more peaceful than sounds from the sea and that is what we get in this video. The entire video is set on a cruise ship. And for a celebration for their 20th year since debut, the video doesn’t go for any saddening plotlines. Instead, they use dance scenes and fireworks to showcase their celebration, which I thought was cool. The orange sunset made the video feel golden, which I thought was nice. It is a good video, suiting the song quite well.

I liked the dance during the chorus, which was very classy from what I see. They way they signify the ‘Kiss Me Like That’ hook and the ‘Touch Me Like That’ line was pretty nice (the latter probably showing how comfortable they are with each other).

Song – 9/10
Music Video – 9/10
Performance – 9/10
Overall Rating – 9/10

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