[Album Review] New Kids: Continue (1st Mini Album) – iKON

As you may tell, I am currently prioritising some of the albums released earlier in the month, hence if some of your favourites recently came back, their album reviews should be out around mid-September. iKON is one of the artists who made their return to the stage at the start of the month with Killing Me and their first mini-album, New Kids: Continue.

New Kids: Continue Album Cover

1..Killing Me (죽겠다) (Title Track)Click here for the full review of Killing Me. (9/10)

2. Freedom (바람) – I thought the song would have had great potential with its rock influence, if only it didn’t take on a chorus that felt like it resembles something that came from the Disney channel. The verses and bridge were good, just the chorus felt like a letdown. Nonetheless, it was good head-banging music despite being described as a soft rock. I did like the fast-paced nature of the song and everyone sounded quite good. (7/10)

3. Only YouOnly You takes that Summer sound that you get throughout the Summer season and mash it with iKON’s traditional hip-hop sound. In the end, we get a decent song. There was a slight reggae feel to the song, from what I heard. It did feel quite generic around the chorus but it wasn’t too bad that it affected the rest of the track. I liked the rapping in the song and the vocals were still quite good. (8/10)

4. Cocktail (칵테일)Cocktail is probably my most favourite track on this list. The atmosphere that comes from this track makes you feel quite happy and lively. I thought the tiny quirk (where they go for a quick falsetto) at the end of each vocal line during the verses was nice. The vocals and rap combination was also quite cool in this song. And I like how they bring everyone together at the end of the song for the outro. And you can’t really help but sing along to it. (9/10)

5. Just For You (줄게) – Just For You is a nice ballad to end the album with. I like how the resident rappers also sing in this song (which they have done with other ballads in the past). But their vocals are top notch here, giving the song some interesting textures. The vocalists themselves did a nice job. The instrumentation was also quite nice and the launch back into the final chorus was quite impactful. Overall, it is a nice song. (8/10)

Overall Album Rating – 8.2/10

New Kids: Complete Teaser Image

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