[Album Review] ++ (1st Mini Album) – LOONA

I know the album reviews are coming out at really odd times but bear with me for just this week as I make an attempt to catch up on the reviews. The next album that I will be reviewing is LOONA’s debut mini-album, titled as ++. It features both Hi High and favoRiTe, which I have both written separate reviews for. For those who also know about the music video theories that I had promised to write up, I have decided to put them on hold due to the sheer amount of time it takes to write them. They will be up sometime this year, so do not worry! But today, we are here for the album, so let’s get going!

++ Album Cover

2. Hi High (Title Track)Click here to read the full review for Hi High. (9/10)

3. favoRiTe (Pre-Release Song)Click here to read the full review for favoRiTe. (9/10)

4. Heat (열기)Heat fits the more aesthetically pleasing side of LOONA that we got through their pre-debut singles. The song has a very mature feel to it, something that you would not expect if you know LOONA through just their debut track. I like how peaceful the song sounds. It flows very well, and the minimalistic vibes of the instrumental allows their amazing vocals to fill the void and shine very brightly. I thought the suspense building, despite the minimalistic vibes of the song, were pretty good as well. (8/10)

5. Perfect LovePerfect Love has that upbeat feel that you expect from a Summer season song. It is literally your standard pop song but done right. The chorus features a simple yet addictive hook, in my opinion. I think more could have done to the verses to really bring the song to another level, as it felt very plain. The song ends off with a short instrumental section, which I thought was cool. But not so much for that squeaky synth. And while the song does have fantastic vocals, it needed some rapping in it. That would have added a layer of texture. (8/10)

6. Stylish – I like the vibes from this song the most as it has a ‘stylish’ feel to it. It takes on that aesthetically pleasing sound and mature sound, like Heart (earlier song on the album). I like the start of the chorus, which has the instrumental omitted, allowing for the vocals (and filtered background vocals) to be in the spotlight. It created a nice level of suspense and amazement, which I thought was quite cool. I would like to see a performance for this song, as the song has that epic feel suited for the stage. Once again, I think the song could have used a rap sequence, but it was still amazing anyway. (9/10)

Overall Album Rating – 8.6/10

favoRiTe Single Cover

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