[Review] Remember Me – Oh My Girl

One of the many comebacks and releases for today, Oh My Girl have returned with their latest title track, Remember Me. It is featured on the group’s 6th mini-album, which shares the same name as the title track. This is the full group’s second comeback after Secret Garden earlier in the year and the first comeback since their extremely cutesy subunit release, Banana Allergy Monkey.

Remember Me has a different sound, one which we have yet to hear from the group, given their past title tracks. That being said, the song does fall neatly within the group’s boundaries as it isn’t technically an extremely changeup (like their subunit release mentioned above). The start may be misleading but once we reach the pre-chorus, we find ourselves in familiar territory. The song features nice vocals, adding a nice melody to the song, and we finally get to hear decent rap sequences from Mimi. I thought the instrumental was quite cool. It allowed the group to show an edgy side at different moments but return to their ‘normal’ self at other moments. Overall, I thought the song was pretty well done. I thought it was extremely catchy and it will probably grow on me further in the coming days. There might be a reason to why I picked this as the first song to review today and it might have something to do with how appealing the song is.

The music video is a little out there but not as bad at their subunit release (I think that has become the reference point of weirdness). I am a little lost with the plotline of the video. But it seems like everyone is doing their own thing but still making the party at the end of the video. Despite being confusing, I thought the video was fitting for the song. And hands up if you think this is Binnie’s era because she looks so good in that hairstyle. Very elegant and mature, if you ask me!

I honestly do not have much to say about the choreography besides how perfect it fitted for the song. There were elegant moments in the dance to match the melodic sections of the song and a little edge when the rapping came into play. Big ticks for this comeback.

Song – 10/10
Music Video – 8/10
Performance – 9/10
Overall Rating – 9.2/10

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