[Review] Baby U – Hoya ft. Hanhae

And now we return to the catching up phase of the week as there are a few more reviews I want to get done. This review is for Hoya’s latest single, Baby U, which was released during the week. For those who don’t remember. Hoya departed from Infinite last year and made his solo debut with Angel and All Eyes On Me earlier this year.

For Baby U, he takes a different approach with the song. However, it remains neatly within the vicinity of All Eyes On Me. Baby U is described as a pop R&B track. And personally, I think this is his best song yet. Mainly because the song was quite catchy around the chorus. It is simply some repetition but it is done in a way that feels nice and laid-back. The instrumentation wasn’t that special, while Hoya’s voice was nice in this song (though I am still not too sure about his vocal approach). Hanhae features in the song but it felt too short. I feel like the song could have been extended. The ending felt incomplete and this could have provided a chance to Hanhae to have a longer sequence, which could have added some energy to the song. It is good and I like the song. Just some things could have been better.

I liked the music video for this release. We see the love story between Hoya and a friend’s friend (played by Kriesha Chu) come to life. It is shot in a home-style format, which I thought was rather interesting as another friend was documenting their love life. In the end, we see the two of them in a club and this incorporated some choreography into the video in a very smart way.

Song – 7/10
Music Video – 8/10
Overall Rating – 7.4/10

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