[Album Review] Thumbs Up (7th Mini Album) – Pentagon

After releasing their trendy Shine song, Pentagon has returned to see whether they can pull off what Shine managed to accomplish for the group. And while their comeback may have been masked by certain news, they have managed to pull off a great comeback week with their latest title track, Naughty Boy. And they managed to equally release a high-quality album, Thumbs Up, which is what we will be looking at today.

Thumbs Up Album Cover

1..Naughty Boy (청개구리) (Title Track) Click here to read the full review of Naughty Boy. (9/10)

2. Just Do It Yo!! (저두요) – This song feels very fresh, especially when you think how most songs are either synth driven or emotionally centred. So when we get these type of pop songs, I can’t help but enjoy their cheerful vibes and the pleasant atmosphere. The song showcases very powerful vocals from all the members (and this includes the rappers). I like the instrumentation, which seems to be prominently guitar and drums. I also like how there was a ‘live’ feel to the song as if they recorded in public due to the presence of the background noise. Its chorus was also just as great as everything else in the song, making this a favourite of mine. (10/10)

3. Skateboard – Attracting my attention to the song is the repeated whistles that feature as part of the instrumental of the song. They ended up being quite catchy. It is another fun-sounding track but going back to something more fitting for a dance performance. I thought the chorus was rather dynamic with their vocalisation of some of the lines. I like the moments in which they all participate together. I would have liked a stronger rap sequence that could have been intense, which would have given a nicer texture to the song, as it feels relatively smooth.  (8/10)

4. When It Rains At Night (밤에 비가 내리면) – Given the title of the song, it was expected it was going to be more of a ballad type. Pentagon has one good ballad (Beautiful – released last year) that I am aware of, but ballads are not something that the group releases often. I like the song for its instrumental, which I thought was very beautiful sounding. Like the instrumental, the vocals are also quite nice, and I liked how they managed to fit the rappers into the song (as both their tones are very different from each other and more aligned with the upbeat side of music, like their title tracks). (9/10)

5. Thumbs Up! – Ending the album isn’t technically a fun-sounding song. It is the pop song that I tend to like for its straightforwardness and very refreshing tone. You can’t help but smile along to this song. Once again, the vocals and the rapping were all very nice but they weren’t standouts for this album. There isn’t anything too special about the instrumentation in the song but that is one of this draw points, as I listed above. It did get a tad repetitive for my taste towards the end, as they could have done something during the bridge for a little changeup but besides that, it was a nice song. (8.5/10)

Overall Album Rating – 8.9/10

Thumbs Up Teaser Image

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