[Review] On Air – WeGirls

This will be the final review for ROOKIE WEEK this time around. I know that there are many other debuts that I have missed out on and I apologise for that. When given another opportunity and I can identify multiple songs for review, I will be revisiting ROOKIE WEEK. Furthermore, I will also be doing other themed weeks in the future, so keeps your eyes peeled for that!

WeGirls is a new girl group which debuted back in August this year (exactly one month ago) with On Air. They are under Aftermoon Entertainment and consist of 8 members – E.You, YeHana, Hyeni, JungA, EunA, Ellie, HaL and Nina. However, this isn’t their initial lineup according to some online sources. A growing trend for some debuts and comebacks are that they are turning to fans for support. WeGirls were able to debut thanks to the support of their fans through MakeStar. Hopefully, this pays off and I wish the group the very best in the future. But before we step any further into the future, let’s begin the review.

I chose On Air as the final song for ROOKIE WEEK because it was rather interesting. It is one of those songs that has multiple genres/styles within it, leaving the listener (such as myself) every confused about what is. There was a pop sound that was very innocent sounding, the verses felt like they belonged to a different pop song and there was a trap-hip hop infusion prior to the innocent pop chorus. Yeah, the combination is a little ‘out-there’. However, it isn’t the most awful combination ever, so I guess that earns some brownie points. I thought the song had pleasant vocals and the rapping was rather fitting for the multiple styles. I am not too troubled by the song’s approach though I feel like the song could have been more cohesive (maybe drop the innocent chorus for something a little more traditional yet allows for connection for the trap-instrumental break?).

For a debut that had the input of fans, I thought the music video was rather nice. The quality was really high up there. I noticed that as I vetted through different debuts, the music videos tend to be low quality. WeGirls. in my opinion, had the best quality of the few that I had to select from. Each of those styles I mentioned above had their own thing going on in the video, which was all quite fitting. When cute sounds were one, they used cute images and when the edgy sound was present, they went for an edgy image. You may think that is obvious but there are many times in the past where the video was just not fitting for the song. I like the inclusion of the film crew at the end of the video, though I am not too sure why.

The choreography was nice. It went from cute to edgy in a few seconds, which I thought was rather odd at first. But I guess since I enjoyed the song, it grew on me.

Song – 7/10
Music Video – 7/10
Performance – 7/10
Overall Rating – 7/10

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