[Review] Shoot Out – Monsta X

It is a new week and we starting off strong with Monsta X’s comeback, Shoot Out. The title track is featured on the group’s second studio album, which has been titled Are You There? (and you can expect an album review in the coming weeks!!). It has only been a few months since we last saw Monsta X in Korea with Jealousy. Since then, the group has been busy with Japanese promotions (Puzzle and Livin’ It Up) and the rest of their world tour.

If I ever described their past title tracks as ‘their most intense comeback track yet’, I’d take that all back. The opening to Shoot Out has to be their strongest and most intense yet. The “walker walker growling‘ start is very interesting but quite addictive. I want to know why those were the lyrics and what the meaning is behind them. But putting my curiosity to the side, the tension is broke with a nice vocal part, which felt relatively smoother and gave a nice contrast. However, to me, it was the weakest moment of the song because I still feel like they took too much of the intense instrumental (which featured elements from multiple intense genres such as rock and trap) away. So when they returned to the catchy chorus, the vocal pre-chorus felt more like an unfulfilled hole (hopefully, that makes sense). It is still quite good, so don’t assume that I hate it. Vocally, all the members did really well. But it the rapping that stole the show here. Overall, another great song from Monsta X.

The music video matched the intensity of the song by using a very edgy concept. From their very simple yet intriguing sets to their outfits, everything like it came together quite well. There is some storyline somewhere amongst the different images we see on the video, as the ending of the video references the seven deadly sins. And those references just crept up on me, so I had no idea what was happening. Can I also take a moment to backtrack to their outfits, which I think looked amazing. The teasers image already amazed me (Jooheon’s, in particular, looked captivating). The outfits in this video just took it to a whole new level.

The music video featured many choreography shots which I have to admit looked awesome. Everything in the video just felt right for this song and their presence on stage is going to be killer if they manage to replicate everything from their stares and charisma from the video on the stage. I thought the vibrating start and the chorus looked cool.

Song – 8/10
Music Video – 9/10
Performance – 9/10
Overall Rating – 8.5/10


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