[Review] Woman – BoA

The Queen Is Back! BoA has officially returned with her 9th full-length album and her latest title track, both titled as Woman. For a while now, BoA hasn’t had the opportunity to make multiple comebacks (with promotions) within a year (her last was One Shot, Two Shot, released earlier this year), which is a very interesting observation. The Queen touches on a very important topic within the song, female empowerment, which could not have been released at a better time, with the topic all over the news (and dominating the entertainment industries around the world).

And as much as I really like how the idea touches on such an important topic, I am not too fond about the idea of having a guy say ‘Woman’ throughout it. It is striking and it does have a certain level of impact, especially the way it is presented. But I felt like a woman’s voice saying ‘Woman’ could have been more suitable, context-wise. What was even more striking was the sound of those high heels. I thought that was a very nice addition to the song which shows how confident BoA was with this song. The instrumental was nice but it did feel rather standard.  I really like her vocals in this song because there were moments that were delicate (such as in the verses) and extremely powerful (like during the chorus and build up to the chorus). Overall, this song is pretty good.

Hands up if you think BoA looked amazing throughout this video! Mine is definitely going up. Never did I expect to see anyone in KPOP pull off a full-body leopard print suit. But damn, BoA rocked it. But my favourite scenes of BoA were when she is wearing those hats. Love it. What I didn’t like was how unnatural her blonde wig looked. If you look closely, you can also see her black hair underneath. It just looked out of place in this video. But everything else (along with every other element of the music video) looked amazing.

A very impressive choreography that was showcased in the music video. I thought everything was very cool and showed off confidence very well. But the most mindblowing part (and I think no other KPOP idol has ever attempted before) has to the very start when she is walking upside down! Like that was shocking yet so right for this performance/song/comeback!

Song – 9/10
Music Video – 9/10
Performance – 10/10
Overall Rating – 9.2/10



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