[Review] Paradise – TST

You may think this is a new group but TST isn’t new. They actually made their debut last year with She and returned later in the year with Mind Control, all under the name Top Secret. Earlier this year, the group returned with Love Story and the new name TST. However, promotions were cut short due to Kyeongha’s misconduct controversy. It was later announced that Kyeongha had left the group. Now, TST is back again as a 6-member group with a brand new single, Paradise.

Paradise started off with some guitar and a small piece of the instrumental used later in the song. What I noticed here and throughout the song was they added a very soft yet striking piano note that replayed in groups of threes. I thought that was really nice, as it added a nice contrast with the rest of the song and made it feel quite artistic. The chorus lost this element and instead opted for a busier chorus made up of mainly synths. I felt like they could have lost some elements in the chorus and it would have been fine as I had a hard time trying to describe the chorus as it was quite swamped. As you went along with the rest of the song, there were a lot of different components featuring at various moments, which kept the song rather interesting. Moving along, I quite liked the chorus due to the melodies and the vocals, especially the ‘Like A Paradise‘ line. I also liked the rapping in the song as it came in at a needed time (despite it being withheld to the end). Overall, an excellent song.

I thought the music video was quite bland.  I find the members just sitting around on top of buildings, amusement park rides and other things not that powerful. They did throw in some tears but they weren’t enough. I felt the song could have had a nice nature backdrop, which seems to be an on-trend and relatively cheap alternative to a full-fledged music video. But I am not a producer, so I am sure this was all chosen for a reason. I did like their choreography shots though, which were nice yet pretty standard.

I personally liked this performance. Their choreography was quite graceful and while there were sharp movements, there was its fair share of very delicate moves. I thought the chorus was really nice, especially with the ‘Paradise’ lines and they are running from one side of the stage to the other.

Song – 9/10
Music Video – 6/10
Performance – 8/10
Overall Rating – 7.9/10


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