[Album Review] WISH (3rd Mini Album) – Golden Child

Golden Child returned at the end of the October with their 3rd comeback of the year. I had the opportunity to review all of their mini-album and single album releases for 2018 and I knew I had to do the same for this one. The album is titled as WISH, with the title track Genie, which obviously goes hand-in-hand. The album contains 7 tracks in total, with the first being an intro track. Like always, I have omitted the intro track from the album review.

WISH Album Cover

2. Genie (Title Track)Click here to read the full review for Genie. (8/10)

3. Eyes On YouEyes On You is better than their title track, in my opinion. It is an energetic electronic track that uses staggering and distortion in its instrumental as its main tactic to make the song quite unique. And while I thought that was pretty cool, they throw in some electric guitars to bring some more life to the song, which was already upbeat (but potentially too electronic and sci-fi sounding). The vocal work was amazing, and the rap sequence was on point! I have listened to this song a number of times already and I just enjoy its uplifting and bright nature. (10/10)

4. I See You – This track is a slight step back to more typical terrain. It brings the electronic instrumentation, but it doesn’t employ any of the unique tactics from Eyes On You, going for a more typical or standard feel. This is no means is a bad thing. Once again, I thought the vocals and raps were really good for this song. The winning section has to be the verses, with the fraction of the verse reminding me of the melody of Lady (which was another amazing b-side track from Golden Child, earlier this year). (9/10)

5. Listen – While this is the group’s most passable track on the album, it is still really good. It is a pop ballad, with guitars at the very forefront of the song that is mixed with a few synths. But the song remains distinctly on its acoustic side, which is quite nice. There were good vocals and the rapping was well fitted for the song. I like how they all come together at the end, which rounds out the song very nicely. I just didn’t feel too much connection to the song. (7.5/10)

6. You Turn Me On Baby – The most questionable title for the group thus far must go to this track. Looking at the tracklist, I questioned its nature and was very glad when I heard its bright and upbeat nature, which is very Golden Child-esque. I don’t think I am personally ready to hear what I initially thought of from the group. But it will happen one day. I thought the instrumental was very clean. The vocals and raps were clear, and nothing felt out of place. (8/10)

7. Would You Be My – This is their ballad for the track. Would You Be My felt like an incomplete title but once you listen to the song, it makes sense. I thought the ‘Would You Be My’ soothing hook was my favourite section of the entire song. Actually, the entire song is quite calming, and it was a very nice track to end with, especially with the upbeat songs we had all before this track. I really liked the ad-libs and the rapping (which gave the song something I personally didn’t know was missing – until I heard it, of course)! (9/10)

Overall Album Rating – 8.6/10

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