[Review] Those Days – K.Will

K.Will made his return earlier this week with the second half of his fourth studio album. The first half, Part 1. Nonfiction, was released last year with Nonfiction as the main title track. The second half of the album is titled Part 2. 想像 (Mood Indigo) and it features the title track, Those Days (그땐 그댄). In the lead up to the album, K.Will also released some singles, which you can also find on the album, such as My Star (which I previously reviewed).

Something that I have not heard much of so far this Fall season are ballads. This is quite odd given that we are almost at the end of the perfect ballad season. So when K.Will confirmed his comeback, I was highly anticipating a great ballad. And that is exactly what we got. His vocals are so damn good in this song, it leaves me breathless. A major reason why I really like K.Will’s voice is that he puts so much emotion behind them. This song is just even more proof of that. The song’s melody is very beautiful, particularly around the chorus. I think that there may be some backing vocals in the chorus and his harmonies are amazing. Finally the instrumental was amazing. Nothing beats a graceful orchestral piece for a ballad. Given that K.Will’s forte is ballads (in my opinion – he also really good R&B songs), he did not disappoint.

The music video features Yoo Yeon Seok as the lead actor, who is a suit tailor. While meeting one of his customers, he meets his ex-girlfriend (who has clearly moved on). Nonetheless, he continues with his job despite looking a tad unhappy. Throughout the video, we see flashbacks of their happy relationship but we don’t get to see why they broke up. Back in the present day, the two awkwardly ignore each other. The girl notices a fishbowl, the same bowl that she bought back in the day for another fish. This brings backs memories, which cause her to shed a tear. Once the job was complete, the couple leave. However, it seems like she wants to say something to her ex prior to leaving but he gives her a smile instead, to tell her everything is okay. I think the acting was wonderful in the video. I also liked how they slow motioned everything to an appropriate speed for the song but also making the video feel impactful.

Song – 10/10
Music Video – 10/10
Overall Rating – 10/10


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