[Review] Wind Flower – Mamamoo

Mamamoo ends the Autumn season with another comeback, making this their 3rd comeback so far. They have been releasing mini-albums every season for their 4 Seasons tetralogy this year, with Starry Night in Spring and Egotistic in Summer. For Autumn, the title track is Wind Flower and it is featured on their 8th mini-album, Blue:S. The only season left is Winter and my prediction is that won’t come until the very end of Winter, based on their release dates of the previous 3 seasons. But we are here for Wind Flower, so let’s dive in for a closer look.

Wind Flower is a pretty neat song.  The first thing you get when you listen to the song is a blast of smoothness. The song almost reminds me of a jazzy number, but not quite. It also has an interesting blend of R&B, which brings the emotional side of the lyrics into play. Together, it creates a song that I think only Mamamoo can nail. Their vocals feel perfect for the song and the season. It goes to show that Mamamoo doesn’t need to rely on their powerhouse vocals to get the job done. I thought the song had some interesting textures, based on different vocal styles I heard in the song. The husky whispers of Wind Flower just prior to the choruses show a delicate nature, while Moonbyul’s rap and vocals during the bridge bring a little bit of coarseness to the song. The choruses themselves do pop a lot, giving the song that needed boost of energy to make it memorable and another Mamamoo hit.

The emotional side of the comeback can be seen most prominently in their music video. The members are feeling the emotions from their past relationships despite breaking up. They spend some time of the video by themselves, feeling heartbreak. But towards the end of the video, the members band together to have some fun on the streets of Hong Kong and forget about their troubles. They have fun drinking heavily (while it is depicted as alcohol, they are actually drinking oolong tea) and then some more fun eating soft serve cones from McDonald’s. I like the video quite a bit as it brings a really beautiful insight into the nightlife of Hong Kong. And the acting in some of the parts of the video are on point.

I thought the performance was quite fitting. It wasn’t as hard-hitting or sexy like Egotistic but it had its own charms. I thought the heartbreaking summed up the song pretty well, while the incorporation of the number 2 during the chorus was a nice bounce back from that saddening theme.  Also, the male backup dancers added a nice touch, especially for the freestyle bit at the end.

Song – 8/10
Music Video – 9/10
Performance – 8.5/10
Overall Rating – 8.4/10

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