[Music Video Theory] LOONAverse (Part 1) – Odd Eye Circle

Beware that this is a very long post!

A few months back, I promised a whole set of music video theories. And so far, I have completed music video theory posts for GOT7’s Flight Log trilogy, Monsta X’s The Clan trilogy, UNB’s Sense and Dream Catcher’s Horror Quadrilogy. To wrap up the music video theory segment for this year is LOONA’s LOONAverse theory. Due to the number of videos I had to watch and connect, I had to continually delay the release of it. But I have finally completed it.

For these music video theory posts, I will be discussing each member’s music video based on the order I see fit (i.e. not necessarily the order in which the releases occurred). My own comments/thoughts will be shown in italics, while all other information will be shown in normal font. (i.e. what we can see visually from the screenshots/videos) Hopefully, this is not too confusing.

Please also note that this isn’t 100% correct. This is just what I think occurred. I know I have missed out on a lot of details and the missing details can easily affect my theory.

To begin the post, I have produced a small table that tells us information about each member. This will be referred to during the theory but I thought it would be a nice background for us to have before we dive right into it.


Odd Eyed Circle (OEC) Theory

I want to begin with the Odd Eyed Circle subunit because Choerry and their Girl Front music videos basically introduce the main components of the LOONAverse. But in order to discuss those videos, we need to understand the origins of OEC. So, we begin at what I think is the beginning of their storyline – Sweet Crazy Love.

Sweet Crazy Love (SCL)

Based on this video, the girls don’t know one another yet. However, Kim Lip and Choerry’s paths are intertwined, similar to the way the sun and moon cross paths. When the two members cross path (i.e. Kim Lip is hanging out on the streets and Choerry is in the car), they have a realization of what needs to occur (i.e. their eyes are activated). This leads to the members returning to their dropped bags from the beginning and setting the events of each of their music videos into motion.


Jinsoul is the only member to not interact with the others in this video. Instead, she finds the blue betta fish in the plastic bag, while she is on the train carriage. She rides with the fish by her side and encounters someone ripping off one of her earphones (though we don’t see her – my guess is herself, based on the Girl Front music video). The earphone is positioned next to the fish, who tells her what she needs to do (i.e. the sound could go from one side of the earphones to the other), leading her the removal of her eye patch and activating her eye.


So what makes me think this video is the first video for the OEC (and possibly the LOONAverse)? The ending shows Kim Lip returning to her bag which she dropped. We then see her solo music video in the final moments of the video, which suggests what happens next. Furthermore, each member of OEC is wearing the same outfit schoolgirl outfit that they wore at the start of each of their solo music videos.

Eclipse (Kim Lip Solo)

We begin with where we left off from SCL. Kim Lip walks into the abandoned structure with her school bag, which she drops and proceeds to dance on the red platform.


Her animal is the owl and along with the clothing that she is wearing (which I found someone else had written about on AminoApp – link in comments) and the emphasis on the eye, this suggests Kim Lip is all-seeing and wise.


Resembles an eye

In the events of SCL, she probably saw the need to bring the worlds together. Hence, her dance is a necessary part of beginning the process, similar to how some cultures perform the rain dance in the belief that it will cause rain.


She also needs the help for this eclispe to occur. She sits on the throne, declaring herself to be the leader that brought the unit together. I also believe this is her way of showing herself to be the Queen of the OEC world. The smoke, based on Jinsoul’s video, could also represent that Kim Lip is being transported to another place.


What she also did, which I don’t know if she knew at the time, is that she started a Mobius strip, which in the context of the LOONAverse is a continuous timeline that will continually repeat itself. Confirmation that this occurs is seen at the end, where someone is viewing her, which based on the later videos, it is suggested that this someone was herself.


Dancing In The Rain (Jinsoul Solo)

Jinsoul is shown to be carrying the same blue betta fish AND is wearing the same outfit from SCL, suggesting we are just coming off the SCL music video.


She saw someone (possibly Kim Lip) at the start of the video. We see someone viewing her through a camera lens (once again, emphasis on the eye). Possibly this someone told her to hurry up and put the fish into the tank before the eclipse to travel to the other worlds.


She finds an aquarium, where she places the blue betta fish into the centre tank. Prior to doing this, she is shown to be distorting the contents of the tank. This suggests that she can change elements and control the environment (which we see through the presence of rain later in the video). If she can control the environment, she can physically cause the eclipse to occur (or the three worlds to combine), aiding Kim Lip.



We also see scenes of her inside a fish tank. Firstly, she is singing inside of it. Afterwards, blue smoke is seen coming from the tank. This could be her way of making it to the other worlds OR it could signal the end of her job in this eclipse formation (same way smoke came surrounded Kim Lip once she sat on the throne).



At the end, it seems like Jinsoul is looking at someone. The image is incomplete, giving some mystery to the already complex LOONAverse world. Maybe she reunited with Kim Lip start of the video, giving her a stern yet affirmative look that her work is done.


Love Cherry Motion (Choerry Solo)

Choerry starts off in the same outfit as in SCL. She meets up with Haeseul and Yeojin and hangs out with them. This shows that Choerry, Haeseul and Yeojin were once part of the real world.


She then notices a cake on the bed, which a cherry on top. She eats the cherry and passes out. Whoever left the cherry cake on the bed is unknown but there are two possibilities. Kim Lip crossed paths with Choerry and hence is part of the real world as well. The other person is Jinsoul, who was seen eating cherries in Olivia Hye’s music video.


Choerry wakes up in a different setting (I think she is now in the OEC world). One of the OEC members attracts her attention in the same manner as she did with Haseul at the start of the video.


 She follows and reaches a field with mirrors, where she interacts with her reflection (i.e. passing of the cherry between the mirror). Hence her ability is interacting and travelling to different worlds, which is an important detail in Girl Front.


She eats another cherry and is transported to the same field but it is purple in colour (meaning she has been transferred to another alternative world).


We see her smile at the sky, which is revealed to show 3 moons – each presenting the three worlds for this series. The first represents the real world, the second represents the OEC universe and the 3rd represents Eden). The purple fields is the fourth world as none of the worlds above fit the purple field description. And to see the three worlds in one frame, Choerry would need to be in a fourth world. There is also no rule to there being only three worlds.


Also, every time Choerry eats a cherry, she is taken to a limbo, where she can see and interact Jinsoul and Kim Lip (i.e. the choreography shots). There is also another shot with Choerry by herself looking into a mirror, while in this limbo. Above her is a tree. Importance of this tree will be shown in the next section.


Girl Front

The Girl Front music video confirms the presence of different theories and ideas discussed above, along with the confirmation of what the entire story is about.

The idea of a Mobius strip has been suggested through the ending scene of the Kim Lip video (see above). In Girl Front, Jinsoul is spotted wearing a wristband that is twisted to form a Mobius strip. There is also an entire segment at the end of the video where Choerry throws a paper plane in the right direction, but it hits her back, coming from the left direction. We also get that confirmation at the very end, with Kim Lip looking at herself from afar.


Jinsoul, in this video, is stuck doing the same thing. She is kind of like playing hide and seek, where you cover your eyes and count. She looks behind her every single time to see if anyone is there. And she continually does this (in an infinite loop – going back to the mobius strip) until the other members are behind her, which breaks the loop.


I think the most important person in this video is Choerry, as she contributes to the LOONA storyline the most. She spends this entire video walking around with a map. She is looking for the other LOONA members, which is revealed to us when she puts a cat sticker down. Notice that along with a cat, she is also looking for a rabbit, bird and deer – based on the stickers on the map.


Choerry may be a part of the OEC unit but she also found an ‘owl’ (which in the LOONAverse represents Kim Lip) based on the middle image above, suggesting that she is there under the instruction of someone else. There really isn’t any need to find Kim Lip (the leader of the unit who was theorized to be the cause of bringing the three together, unless you were acting on someone else’s behalf.

Going back to the tree in Choerry’s limbo, the only music video with a prevalent tree is Hyunjin’s music video. Putting down a cat sticker in the Girl Front music video means Choerry found Hyunjin. As Choerry can travel between worlds, she is a likely choice to do some seeking for someone. 


Choerry also seemed to have located Haseul’s plane wreckage, just it is evident that Choerry is in the wrong world. I will touch upon that later when it comes to Haseul’s part (the next post).


So when Jinsoul finds the other 2 OEC members, Jinsoul and Kim Lip join forces with Choerry to find the rest of LOONA. We are also then shown the three moons have disappeared and replaced by one big eclipse. This is the plot line for the Hi High music video, which is all about a large reunion. The Eclipse brings together the three worlds so all the members can reunite.


This completes my Odd Eye Circle theory post. I will be posting the other theory posts very shortly, so stay tuned for that.

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The links will become available once the respective post is published.

If you have any thoughts you want to share or want to add some input into this theory, feel free to comment below!

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