[Music Video Theory] LOONAVERSE (Part 2) – LOONA 1/3

Beware that this is a very long post!

Welcome back to the second post of the LOONA music video theory. In the last post, I explained why I started off with the events of the LOONA Odd Eyed Circle (OEC) and the relevant members (Kim Lip, Jinsoul and Choerry).  And now, we will be continuing with the rest of the LOONA member videos. I wish to reiterate that while I believe this is extensive, there are many aspects that I am unsure about and they could have a large impact on the theory. These are just my thoughts and the storyline that makes sense in my head to connect all the videos.

For these music video theory posts, I will be discussing each member’s music video based on the order I see fit (i.e. not necessarily the order in which the releases occurred). My own comments/thoughts will be shown in italics, while all other information will be shown in normal font. (i.e. what we can see visually from the screenshots/videos) Hopefully, this is not too confusing.

To begin the post, I have produced a small table that tells us information about each member. This will be referred to during the theory but I thought it would be a nice background for us to have before we dive right into it.


LOONA 1/3 Theory

Everyday I Love You (Vivi Solo)

From the stylistic choices made to the video (i.e. the retro setting, the lighting during the rapping section in the bridge), I believe this music video is probably the very first video of the entire storyline for the LOONAverse.

The most important part of this music video is the end of the video. After ViVi turns off the lights, she gets a text message, which roughly translates to ‘I’ll be back tomorrow’.


In the video, she becomes attracted to the guy who she meets while on the job. Now, clearly based on the video, we assume it is the guy that sent the message. But I think the guy is someone else. Someone, whom we meet later, who also goes on a skating date with ViVi. I believe the guy is Yves. More on Yves in the next post.


And back in the day, Heejin, Hyunjin, Haseul and Yeojin were all friends. We already know Haeseul and Yeojin were friends based on Choerry’s music video, So the fact that these four girls were hanging together in this video tells us about their budding friendship.


It also shows one very important detail. ViVi was never their friend. We never see any interaction between her and the four girls. We do see her singing into the camera with that retro filter, which I believe she is copying them to try to get into their group.


Love and Live (LOONA 1/3)

So, something happens to ViVi in between her solo music video and this one. ViVi has somehow turned into a robot and requires charging every now and then, in order for her to compete in the relay races that she was created for. Note that there is no indication that ViVi was a robot in her solo music video. She does wear a backpack in the previous video but it was rather flimsy to be considered a battery pack. 

On her team is the rest of LOONA 1/3 (Heejin, Hyunjin and Haseul) who also train with her. Yeojin is noticeably missing for this unit, suggesting that she was taken away or left for something else. More will be discussed at the end of this theory. ViVi was probably added to fill in the missing position in their team.


Once again, we see ViVi have a hard time fitting into the group. As she is a robot, she has to take time out to charge her batteries. Hyunjin notices and may have told the other members, who could have teased her for this. We also see the girls enjoying some fruit juice but ViVi is unable to (she stores them in her locker).


In the end, we see her take off during another training session. She continues to run until her batteries are drained. The reason why? I don’t have an idea that I am 100% confident in. My initial thoughts that she was running away to remove herself from the world. And while that has been suggested in other theories, there isn’t a clear indication to which world she is running to or a reason why at this point. I believe she ran to the world in which the members would be reuniting – as to be discussed in the Hi High post. One theory suggested Eden but ViVi doesn’t make an appearance in Eden beside Yves’ music video – but it was for a different storyline. 


The same writer put out that ViVi was once part of the OEC world, based on how her eye flashed when her batteries died. I did not pick up on that, so props to that writer – I will post a link in the comments section to that theory. But whether she was traded out for a different member, I am not too convinced as all the OEC had their eyes flash at one point in time.  


Sonatine (LOONA 1/3)

Not really an important video in my opinion. It does reiterate some points. The fact that ViVi ran to the point of exhaustion (i.e. her batteries died) is shown clearly in the music video. All her scenes were shot while she was on the ground.


All other members had scenes higher up (i.e. on bridges or balconies).


One member did have a camera shot while on the ground and that is Haseul.


Well, what does this mean? ViVi tried to remove herself from the world and this video suggests that she was successful. Which world did she end up in, I still have no clue. Haseul also removed herself from the world and that will be discussed later on.

Let Me In (Haseul Solo)

Haseul is seen finding a plane wreckage, using a yellow car that she was not driving. Someone (could be herself, could be someone else) was leading her towards that plane wreckage for some reason. Along the way, it also seems to show her finding diamonds (her ability).


But it wasn’t the plane that she was looking for. She was seeking herself but as the white bird. The diamonds lead to her.


She finds it successfully and shoot it, thus eliminating herself from the world. Why? Well, my guess this happened after she realized what she is missing out on. I assume she isn’t in the real world in this video and wants to be. And since she eliminated herself from the world, she was shot at ground level in one of the scenes during Sonatine. 


Also, the plane wreckage should not be disregarded. In Girl Front, Choerry threw a paper plane, which landed on the ground in the desert, while seeking for Haseul. In this video, a paper plane flashed across the screen while the focus was on the plane wreckage, suggesting both were the same. Hence Choerry did find Haseul’s footsteps but could not find Haseul’s physical self – due to her self-removal from the world.


On a side note, I don’t think Haseul died – rather she is free to roam the worlds (i.e. in Sonatine – she was on both a higher up level and the ground).

Around You (Hyunjin Solo)

Hyunjin’s music video seems to be the least complicated. She is shown to have the ability to replicate herself and be at multiple places at once (see the theory link below).


The normalness in this video suggests that she is part of the real world, one of the three worlds seen in the Choerry’s music video.

I also mentioned that Haseul wants to experience the real world. She may saw what Hyunjin is experiencing and wants that to occur. 


ViVid (Heejin Solo)

In Heejin’s video, I think she has the ability to bend light. Everything is quite bright, and her world is full of colour. On top of that, a rainbow light is positioned over her eyes. It is clearly different from the real world, which she had left. My reason to why she left will be explained in Yeojin’s part.


There were a number of scenes with an emphasis on darkness. Notice how they were incomplete, her back was turned away from the camera or out of focus. It suggests that her ability to bend light is real and may help travel through different worlds.


A French quote was seen at the bottom of the screen during the start of her video. It says ‘I would like to clean. There are tools out there.’ Throughout the video, she is busy cleaning and she enjoys herself while doing so. My thinking is that she is the one helping ‘clean’ the LOONAverse and the mess that was made around Yeojin and Olivia Hye. More on that later and in the next post, respectively. Her green dress, shown in the final image of this section may suggest she is currently focused on Yeojin.


Kiss Later (Yeojin Solo)

Yeojin is the only person to not be a part of LOONA 1/3 despite being introduced earlier on (before ViVi). She was most likely taken to Eden after Choerry’s music video, where she was seen hanging out with Haseul and Choerry.

She is also in a colourful world. And this colourful world gives her the desires she wants (aka. Eden). She is treated like a princess and given expensive gifts. She wants true love and she is given that in the form of a frog.


As she is the youngest member of the LOONAverse, she is far too innocent and hence wants to remain in this world as her desires are being fulfilled.


Two members have been seen trying to get to her. Heejin is the first member who is attempting to ‘clean up’ by replicating the same world as Yeojin’s in order to get to her by using her power (i.e. bending light). That is also why we see her move in and out of the coloured worlds and also the real world. The second member is Yves, who is seen winning a frog in the claw machine, which is the animal representing Yeojin.

This completes my LOONA 1/3 theory post. I will be posting the other theory posts very shortly, so stay tuned for that.

LOONAverse (Part 1) – Odd Eye Circle
LOONAverse (Part 3) – LOONA yyxy
LOONAverse (Part 4) – Hi High

The links will become available once the respective post is published.

If you have any thoughts you want to share or want to add some input into this theory, feel free to comment below!

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