[Music Video Theory] LOONAVERSE (Part 3) – LOONA yyxy

Beware that this is a very long post!

Welcome back to the third post of the LOONA music video theory. Previously, I have discussed the events associated with LOONA Odd Eye Circle (first post) and LOONA 1/3 (second post). And now, we will be continuing with the final LOONA unit, LOONA yyxy. I wish to reiterate that while I believe this is extensive, there are many aspects that I am unsure about and they could have a large impact on the theory. These are just my thoughts and the storyline that makes sense in my head to connect all the videos.

For these music video theory posts, I will be discussing each member’s music video based on the order I see fit (i.e. not necessarily the order in which the releases occurred). My own comments/thoughts will be shown in italics, while all other information will be shown in normal font. (i.e. what we can see visually from the screenshots/videos) Hopefully, this is not too confusing.

To begin the post, I have produced a small table that tells us information about each member. This will be referred to during the theory but I thought it would be a nice background for us to have before we dive right into it.


LOONA yyxy Theory

new (Yves Solo)

Yves is probably the most important character in the LOONAverse. She shares the most connections with the other members and her character is the first to be seen rejecting Eden (the third world that makes up the LOONAVERSE).

The music video introduces the concept of the Forbidden Apple, which was eaten by Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden (the original sin). And the way to reject Eden in this video is done in a similar fashion, you need to take a bite of the RED apple.


Yves takes a bite of the apple, resulting in her rejecting Eden. Eden has the ability to think for itself, presenting those who live in its world with the person’s desires to keep them there. Eden probably knows of Yves potential in influencing the rest of LOONA hence why she is locked up in buildings and she is observed most of the time on stairs (away from people). But Eden will always fulfils a person’s desire and Yves wanted out, so Eden mistakenly produced an apple for Yves.


We also see her influence on the other members. Partway into the video, we see Yves play the claw machine game, which is shown to have three coloured lights (the colours of the worlds in Choerry’s music video) and this claw machine basically represents the LOONAverse. However, only some of the members are present as she could only obtain a frog and penguin plushie (representing Yeojin and Chuu, respectively). When she grabs those toys, she grabs an apple instead, suggesting that she presented an apple to these two members.


We also see ViVi on a date with Yves. This is why I see the guy in ViVi’s video as Yves. And for the date, they go roller skating. Yves presents an apple to ViVi, who must have eaten it. And it is from this point forward, she becomes a robot. Though there isn’t an exact timeline to that.


We see a scene where she takes a swing at all the animals in the LOONAverse. This is clear that she will be tempting each member. But first, she needs to find the rest of them.


And that is where Choerry comes into play, who catches an apple that Yves had dropped from above. Remember back to what I said about Choerry in the Girl Front music video. Choerry is finding other LOONA members for Yves. She found Hyunjin (the cat) and she also found Kim Lip (the owl), indicated on her map. I think Choerry is finding the rest of LOONA and presenting the apple to each member (i.e. Choerry was sent by Yves to find the other members).


Heart Attack (Chuu Solo)

Based on Chuu’s video, you can tell she is very obsessed with Yves. In many ways, she looks up to Yves and wants to be like her. To the point where Chuu wears the same things as Yves, down to the same shoes.


Chuu knows Yves like apples and throughout the video Chuu attempts to give her a green apple. Yves, on the other hand, does not like green apples as they do not fulfil the rejection of Eden. Only red apples will work. Hence the emphasis on the red aspect of the apples in Yves section.


As the green apple does not work, Yves reject Chuu, who resents Yves for a short period. But since Eden gives the person what they desire the most, Chuu’s apple turns into red the moment she bites into it. This results in Chuu’s rejection of Eden. We then see a montage of Chuu and Yves partying and embracing each other.


At the end of the music video, we see Chuu passed out outside the house. Haseul walks past and comes to her aid, waking Chuu up. Chuu’s response is rather weird. She just gets up and leaves. In the background, you can see the penguin and swan together on the window sill. Hence it is my belief that Chuu faked her fainting spell to help locate Haseul or draw her out so Yves can present the apple to her.


One and Only (Go Won Solo)

Go Won spends most of her time running away from Yves and Chuu, who are working together. From the video, she doesn’t want to reject her version of Eden because her desire for power is too great, which lead to her being isolated and alone. She fears once she rejects Eden, she wouldn’t be able to control herself.


After a while, she sits down and eats a pineapple, which I think Yves planted as the ‘red apple’. We are then shown Yves and Chuu sitting at the end of the table and eating red apples.


Realizing what she had done, Go Won locks herself up and further isolates herself from everyone. But Yves walks in, crowning Go Won. She also hugs Go Won, which seems to tell her that she no longer needs to live alone and has friends.


Egotist (Olivia Hye Solo)

Olivia Hye is the only member to not really live in the Eden universe. Her desires aren’t fulfilled in her video, which is what made me believe that Olivia is part of a different world. She may be living in the OEC world.

Based on the video, Olivia Hye has two sides. She wakes up on a bed of white feathers and looks up to see someone looking down at her from above.


She slowly makes her way up there, to where the person was.

We then get confirmation that there are two sides of Olivia. The two sides are shown hugging each other on the mattress, showing that they are one person.


But it takes a turn, with scenes of an evil Olivia (red eyes) holding onto innocent Olivia, who is hanging off the edge of the balcony. Evil Olivia lets go and innocent Olivia falls to her death (red feathers). I think the Mobius strip still applies to this storyline, hence why I theorize that she could be living in the OEC world.  At the very start of the video, we see one hand let another go, similar to the way innocent Olivia was let go by her evil counterpart (i.e. it repeats).


And in order to break the loop, evil Olivia burns the mattress, along with innocent Olivia. Jinsoul makes an appearance in this video. My guess to Jinsoul’s presence is that Jinsoul told Olivia about the loop (there is a whispering scene) and how it could be broken.


Heejin also makes an appearance at the end of the video. Remember Heejin failed to get to Yeojin and so has moved onto Olivia Hye and the rest of LOONA yyxy. What Yves and Olvia has done to themselves and the people around them needs rehabilitation, which leads onto the next video.


love4eva (LOONA yyxy)

Based on the description of the video, Heejin brought Yves, Chuu, Go Won and Olivia Hye to fix their egos. Yves, Chuu and Go Won could be immature and have big egos due to their desires. Olivia Hye was brought in for obvious reasons, to rehabilitate her evil self.

The boarding school is extremely strict. But once a tempter, always a tempter. Yves break apart from the group to have fun outside. Chuu takes notices and quickly follows Yves temptation. Likewise, they tell Go Won and the trio have fun outside. Note how this is like what occurred in their solo music videos.


They, however, are not as inviting to Olivia Hye, often avoiding her and leaving her out of the conversation. My guess is that they sense that she evil.


Sometimes, Olivia follows the trio outside but cannot find them, leading to her evil side to come out – as seen by the way she stands outside in the forest.


She also eats her apples, more than the other member to fit in and experience what the trio are experiencing (especially the One music video and the dance break). But this fails.


In the end, Yves Chuu and Go Won managed to escape the school. Yves probably knows that the rejection of Eden has bigger implications down the line (i.e. their debut music video) hence why she left the school with her two friends.


Olivia remained behind and successfully completed her training. She is now free to roam the world and rejoin the LOONA members.


This completes my LOONA yyxy theory post. I will be posting the other theory posts very shortly, so stay tuned for that.

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The links will become available once the respective post is published.

If you have any thoughts you want to share or want to add some input into this theory, feel free to comment below!

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