[Music Video Theory] LOONAVERSE (Part 4) – Hi High

Beware that this is a very long post!

Welcome back to the fourth and final post of the LOONA music video theory. Previously, I have discussed the events associated with LOONA Odd Eye Circle (first post), LOONA 1/3 (second post) and LOONA yyxy (third post). And now, we will be continuing with the final part of their theory thus far, Hi High. I wish to reiterate that while I believe this is extensive, there are many aspects that I am unsure about and they could have a large impact on the theory. These are just my thoughts and the storyline that makes sense in my head to connect all the videos.

For these music video theory posts, I will be discussing each member’s music video based on the order I see fit (i.e. not necessarily the order in which the releases occurred). My own comments/thoughts will be shown in italics, while all other information will be shown in normal font. (i.e. what we can see visually from the screenshots/videos) Hopefully, this is not too confusing.

There is no emphasis on the animals in this video. Hence why I am not including the table in the post for this round.

Hi High Theory

Their music video seems to be the final video in the LOONAverse story but whether if that is true remains to be seen. Hi High shows us the reunion of all 12 members of LOONA, along with some recurring themes.

The members start off looking at the sky in the real world. And in the sky, it is the moon.


All the members at this point have rejected Eden and need to meet up somewhere. The choice that LOONA makes is the moon. We see the moon starts off as a crescent, suggesting one member has already made their way up to. We are then shown ViVi running track and field once again in the same outfit as Love & Live, suggesting when she ran away, she ran towards the moon.

Note that the running action they perform throughout the video is like a run-up so that when they jump, they reach for the sky and slowly make their ascent up to the moon. This is clearly seen via Heejin’s jump at the end of the video. 


We slowly see the members get together. Kim Lip meets with Choerry and they start running.


Haseul and Yeojin, longtime friends, reunite in the grassy fields. They also start running.


Hyunjin and Heejin meet each other.


The OEC members previously meet with Olivia, who may be still be stuck in a part different world after being left alone by the rest of LOONA yyxy. They use their powers to transport Olivia to the same place, where she meets Yves and they share a smile with each other.


Go Won and Chuu are wandering around the forest and in the background, you can tell they will meet Yves and Olivia. The four of them come together and start running.


The final few members who we haven’t seen run yet, including Jinsoul, Hyunjin and Heejin, start running themselves. Everyone jumps and reaches for the moon, which I guess means they go to the moon – based on Heejin’s jump.


Thus, this completes the reunion of LOONA and the start of their careers.

Or is it? 2 months ago, their company uploaded a reverse teaser. The events of Hi High was reversed! What does this mean? Did something prevent LOONA from getting together? Did Olivia’s evil side come through once again? Or does Yves have something more sinister planned?

Who knows? Until the next LOONA release will occur – To Be Continued.

And that completes my LOONAVERSE music video theory segment. Do you have any comments or alternative theories? Comment below! I would love to hear about them.

LOONAverse (Part 1) – Odd Eye Circle
LOONAverse (Part 2) – LOONA 1/3
LOONAverse (Part 3) – LOONA yyxy

Also check out the other music video theory posts, which I have linked in the first part of the LOONAVERSE theory series.

This also draws the music video theory to an end. I may return to do some more (or update some others) once we get more about the storyline. They are time-consuming but a lot of fun to research and write up. If you have any music video you want me to write about and enjoyed my theories, comment your suggestions down below!

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