[Review] Ring Ring Ring – VERIVERY

Multiple comebacks in the same day is a regular thing but we don’t often hear too much about multiple debuts on the same day. In addition to the debut of ONEUS today, VERIVERY makes their career start with their title track Ring Ring Ring. The group is from Jellyfish Entertainment, which also manages VIXX and Gugudan. They consist of 7 members including Dongheon, Minchan, Yeonho, Hoyoung, Gyehyeon, Yongseung and Kangmin. While this is their debut track, this isn’t the first time I have reviewed the new group, as I wrote a review for their special single, Super Special, last year.

Ring Ring Ring reminds me of songs from the 90s era through its instrumental and melody. And with KPOP very big on the retro throwbacks, Ring Ring Ring fits neatly into the KPOP portfolio that has been growing over the years. The use of the drum beat throughout the song and the rap sequence within the bridge used to hype the song are all elements that point towards that era. The song itself is extremely bright and has also this pop feel to it, which I can see being infectious down the road. And for that, I think it is a very memorable song. The vocals were pretty good (that opening section to the bridge definitely showcases potential) and the rapping was definitely another top element. I did think the song got a little repetitive towards the end but I think its energetic nature makes up for this. Overall, it is a nice debut song to have ringing in the audience’s ear.

When I write these reviews, I find myself in awe of the simplest or smallest of things. I personally am not sure how they got those floating shapes in the background of the choreography shots to move about. I am not sure if it editing after filming or they used lights to project upon the white background. Either way, I am thoroughly intrigued about it. The rest of the video shows the members having fun, which is in line with the song’s vibes.

The choreography for this performance fits perfectly into the song. It is fun, energetic and youthful, which automatically becomes the group’s image. I think the best bit of the performance has to be the bridge. Starting off with those smooth rotating arms and exceptional synchronisation for the vocal section, while moving back into the fun style for the rap part of the bridge, everything looked well polished and it shows some versatility.

Song – 8/10
Music Video – 8/10
Performance – 8.5/10
Overall Rating – 8.1/10 

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