[Album Review] Time For Us (2nd Studio Album) – GFriend

The album review is for today is on schedule!! Woo!! Today’s album review is focused on GFriend’s latest release, Time For Us. The group made their comeback last week with the title track of their 2nd studio album, Sunrise. The new album also features the Korean version of the group’s latest Japanese single, Memoria. There is a fair bit to get through, so let’s get cracking!

Time For Us Album Cover

1..Sunrise (해야) (Title Track)Click here for the full review of Sunrise. (9/10)

2. You Are Not Alone – I personally think this track could have been a potential contender for the title track. It is quite up to par with Sunrise when you think about it. It is vocally driven, and the instrumental adds a dynamic dimension to the song. I really like the rock elements in it, despite it being what I would consider a relatively pleasant sound. Together, there is a very interesting depth to the song, which makes the song very interesting. Those ad-libs at the end are phenomenal and its melody was a standout. All of this contributes to the album’s first perfect score. (10/10)

3. L.U.V (기적을 넘어) – There were certain moments of the song that I quite liked. And then there were moments that I thought the song was a little too typical. The verses are an example of the great parts. They featured this hip-hop vibe in, which I thought was a unique touch as it doesn’t really conform to a lot of their previous work. The rapping was my highlight for the song, basically for the exact reasons mentioned. The chorus was my pick for the typical moment. Following the verse, the chorus took a very melodic route that I thought was rather safe and didn’t really carry the same vibes over. (7/10)

4. GLOW (만화경)GLOW, to me, does what the title suggests. The song does glow extremely brightly with its cute voices for the chorus and an instrumental that does pop out. Throw in a catchy melody and you pretty much have a winning formula. I find the song suitable for all climates as it showcases a warming vibe for the colder months but also a refreshing vibe for the hotter months. The only thing that does let me down is the sudden ending. (9/10)

5. Our Secret (비밀 이야기) – Opening up Our Secret is a very addictive high pitch whistle synth, which I really like. It pulled me into the song straight away. The vocals were quite nice, giving the song a lot of different appealing factors to really grab onto. The chorus itself felt fun and energetic (in a subtle way), which was another element that I liked about the song. Altogether, the song was a gem itself, earning the album’s second perfect score. (10/10)

6. Only 1Only 1 doesn’t offer much within the verses. It felt rather typical and didn’t stand out. The first half of the chorus also shared the exact same feeling. But it is the second half of the chorus that really draws my attention to the song, as there was a choppy effect that I have never heard of before. While this does sound rather messy, it works extremely well and felt just right for this song. I thought the instrumental was nice, especially around the bridge of the song. (7/10)

7. Truly LoveTruly Love brings back the cutesy sound in their voices and this gives the song a sweet vibe, which I thought was rather pretty. The song also allows for the focus to be on the vocals with its minimal instrumentation. I like the chorus of the song. It isn’t as strong as their previous tracks on the album, but it was rather pleasant. The instrumental was also another likeable element to the song but I am not really sure how to describe it. (8/10)

8. Show Up (보호색)Show Up has this aesthetically pleasing vibe surrounding some bits of the song, which I find to be quite interesting. It is the rap-speaking verses that I find very intriguing as it isn’t something you hear all too often, especially from GFriend. Unfortunately, the rest of the song felt like a standard pop song, losing that unique touch. The only other memorable part is the second half of the chorus, which was quite memorable. Everything else just didn’t really felt appealing. (7.5/10)

9. It’s You (겨울, 끝)It’s You is a good song but it isn’t their best. It is another passable song on the tracklist as there really isn’t much development to the song, where stillness might be its biggest charm. But as a result, the song doesn’t become appealing due to its lack of momentum. I did like the soft R&B style that they went for and there was a slight warming touch, thanks to their vocals. (7/10)

10. A Starry SkyA Starry Sky is a soft pop ballad that showcases the best of the member’s vocals. The instrumental is very calming and soothing. The harmonies were equally as nice. And like most ballads that I enjoy, there is a slight swaying effect to this song. But that is basically it to the song. To me, there really isn’t much else to discuss regarding the song. (7.5/10)

11. Love Oh LoveLove Oh Love takes me back to their debut days. The song just gives off those vibes and I thought was rather cool. There also seems to be a girl group retro influence in the instrumental of the song. I thought the vocals were amazing in this song and managed to give a pretty and freshening characteristic to the song. I like the chorus for its pack of energy and catchiness. I also really liked the ending of the song. (9/10)

12. Memoria (Korean Version) – I previously reviewed the Japanese version of Memoria. Click here to read the full review of Memoria. (9/10)

Overall Album Rating – 8.3/10

Time For Us Teaser Image

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