[Review] Why – Kim Hyun Joong

It has been almost 5 years since we last saw Kim Hyun Joong on the stage in Korea. But due to Japanese promotions and a number of scandals, he put his solo career on hold. On top of that, he also enlisted in the military and completed his duty in 2017. And now, he has returned with his new mini-album, New Way and the title track, Why. This is his first comeback since Beauty Beauty was released in 2014.

Why is a completely different sound to what Kim Hyun Joong used to release as a solo artist in the earlier in the decade. It is a vocally driven ballad. I personally did not expect this vocal style from him. Sure, I knew he could sing but not in this manner. The song gives off Roy Kim or John Park vibes, which I thought was a very interesting approach. I also liken his vocals to those artists. He doesn’t nail it perfectly but he is in that vicinity if we were to put all vocalists onto a spectrum of some sort. I liked the soothing nature of the ballad but I felt like the instrumental could have been a little bolder. I wanted a stronger orchestral touch to the song, which I think could have helped the song to sound more emotionally driven. Overall, Why is a nice song. It could have been more but it was still good nonetheless.

The music video was also quite interesting. We see Kim Hyun Joong and a female break up and they part ways. He spends a lot of his time walking in his chosen direction and this continues until the final chorus, to which he turns back and starts running in the direction of his former companion. But he lost her in the crowd and it comes until then that their relationship is no longer possible. The music video also features French (correct me if I am wrong) subtitles for all of the Korean that he sings but English subtitles when he sings words or phrases in English. Don’t really understand the point of that but thought it was intriguing. Another thing I noticed is that a lot of the people in the background are staring at him throughout the video. That has never bothered me before but I guess it is a lot noticeable due to the slow nature of the video.

Song – 7/10
Music Video – 8/10
Overall Rating – 7.4/10

5 thoughts on “[Review] Why – Kim Hyun Joong

  1. Just discovered the wonderful talent of Kim Hyun Joong and love, love his New Way album. Looking at his older videos, he seems to have gotten even better. Even if you don’t understand the words, “Why”, “Four Seasons”, “Just for You”, and “New Way”are special and wish in all English but loved “Wait for Me”, “Paradise”, “Love Song” and even “So What”. Definitely a huge fan of this young man especially lafter earning more about him. Admire his determination, work ethics, vision and goals especially dealing with false accusations.


  2. This review was terribly done. Is the op a professional? Even reviews need and opening, a body, and a conclusion to be complete. This makes me question your competence at reviewing music.


    1. Not a professional. Just a listener who wanted to get his opinion out.

      I have an inductory paragraph that introduces the artist, song title and recent updates regarding the artists. Followed by my “body” which looks at the song (usually first impression), music video and performance (if applicable). I removed the conclusion from the review after seeking feedback from my readers (some of them said my reviews got lengthy).

      I am always looking for ways to improve my reviews, so feel free to leave constructive feedback 🙂


      1. The Music Video was filmed in Paris on a public bridge hence the French subtitles and the stares. Also HJ did Because I’m Stupid as an acoustic, SS501 is known for ballads, he has at least 1 ballad in every album what made you think he cant sing ballads?


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