[Review] WiFi – SATURDAY

SATURDAY made their return the other night with WiFi. This is a relatively new girl group, currently under SD Entertainment. SATURDAY currently has seven members including  They made their debut last year with Sion, Sunha, Haneul, Chohee, Ayeon, Yuki and Juyeon (Juyeon is a new member added this year after the departure of former member Chaewon). They made their debut with MMook JJi BBa back in July of last year and they also released a special Christmas album for the festive season.

WiFi is that cutesy song that reminds you of the work done by Crayon Pop when they were still active. It is an undeniably colourful track that speaks about sending love signals between themselves and their crush. It is a fun tune, filled with the cutesy repetition of the word ‘WiFi’ (which is actually growing heavily on me) and the use of a bazooka or some sort of instrument of a similar nature to get that fun yet intriguing sound in the instrumental break. I also like the mini shout of their group name in the song so they wouldn’t be forgotten. The vocals were good and I personally liked the rapping style for the rap sequence during the verses. As for the trap influence during the bridge, this causes the track to be similar to Boom Boom by Momoland and I am not sure what to think of this (apart from that the bridge does not go with the rest of the song). Overall, I like WiFi but not to the extent of other songs currently hot on the charts.

Once again, we see the low budget nature of the video based on the choreography shots with the window. We cannot blame them or their company for what they had to work with. But they could have gotten rid of those shots and stayed with the built backdrops they had for the rest of the video (which actually fitted the colourful nature of the song perfectly due to their use of colours). For the rest of the video, I liked how they made it look like they applied special effects (like the floating letters) and the cutesy nature of the video.

As for the performance, I thought it was rather good. I liked how they showed the WiFi hook by using the WiFi symbol. I also liked how bouncy the dance was, particularly during the chorus. My favourite bit would have to be during the pre-chorus, as their moves seem to be somewhat more mature and smooth.

Song – 7/10
Music Video – 7/10
Performance – 7/10
Overall Rating – 7/10


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