[Weekly Chart] 2nd Week of February 2019

Welcome back to the Weekly Chart segment once again. It is Sunday so you don’t need to wait any longer to see which song and artist took out the top spot on the charts for this week! An album review will be coming out shortly, so keep your eye out for that.

This past week we were overloaded with multiple comebacks and debuts. Taemin, Hwasa, TST, ITZY, Infinite, SATURDAY, Dream Catcher are all on this list and are all on the charts this week. VANNER, while they also debut, fell short of the Top 30 for this week (but I sense we may see them in the Top 30 after I review them this week)!

But let’s have a quick rundown of the charts for this week. A new group has managed to grab onto the first position and that group is no other than CLC, with their track No. ONF follows with their comeback single We Must Love, while Hwasa debuts her new track, Twit, in the third position. Familiar to the Top 5 is SEVENTEEN with their hit Home and ASTRO’s All Night, who both take the fourth and fifth position respectively.

For more of the charts, scroll down below!

10th Feb – 16th Feb 2019
Title Artist Status
1 No CLC (▲ 1)
2 We Must Love ONF (▲ 14)
3 Twit Hwasa (Mamamoo) (new)
4 Home Seventeen (=)
5 All Night ASTRO (▼ 2)
6 Q&A Cherry Bullet (▼ 1)
7 Wake Up TST (new)
8 Sunrise Gfriend (▼ 7)
9 Want Taemin (SHINee) (new)
11 Say My Name ATEEZ (▼ 2)
12 Lonely Night KNK (▼ 6)
13 Ya Lee Minhyuk (BTOB) (▲ 7)
14 Valkyrie ONEUS (▼ 6)
15 WiFi SATURDAY (new)
16 Gotta Go Kim Chungha (▼ 4)
17 Getting Closer Seventeen (▼ 7)
18 Only U IMFACT (▲ 4)
19 U Um U Um Hyomin (T-ARA) (▼ 8)
20 La La Love WJSN (Cosmic Girl) (▼ 13)
21 TicToc NEONPUNCH (▼ 5)
22 Piri Dream Catcher (new)
23 Clock INFINITE (new)
24 Rooftop N.Flying (▲ 1)
26 MILLONS Winner (▼ 12)
27 Loca Favorite (▼ 10)
28 %% APINK (▼ 15)
29 I Wanna Know Roh Taeyhyun (HOTSHOT) (▼ 6)
30 Dream About U NATURE (▼ 4)

Songs leaving the charts this week include:

  • First Sight – Heize
  • Whatcha Doin’ – Yesung (Super Junior) & Kim Chungha
  • Millions – WINNER
  • Getting Closer – SEVENTEEN
  • Winter Breath – Sooyoung (SNSD)

See you all back next week!

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