[Album Review] Just Right (3rd Mini Album) – GOT7

The next artist that I have chosen to review as the “Past Album’ segment is GOT7. Previously, it was meant to be another group but due to the recent news of the upcoming debut of a new GOT7 unit, made of JB and Yugyeom (JUS2), I decided to do some reshuffling to prevent an overlap with their promotions (and have it not look like I am favouring one particular artist). The album I chose was their Just Right mini-album, which featured the title track of the same name. It was released back in July 2015 and was a departure from their usual sound as it went with a bright pop image.

Just Right Album Cover

1..Just Right (딱 좋아) (Title Track)Click here to read the full review of Just Right. (9.5/10)

2. Before The Full Moon Rises (보름달이 뜨기 전에) – Before The Full Moon Rises is dry for my liking. It has elements that I find very pleasant, however. The instrumental of the track takes on a mid-tempo R&B sound. The vocals were soothing and clear, while the rapping had this chillness to it that I quite liked. There seemed to be a shift in focus towards the vocals but it didn’t feel like the vocals were showcased to their full potential. The song isn’t as memorable, with a melody that doesn’t really keep me swinging back for more. Furthermore, the identified dryness in the song doesn’t really help. (6.5/10)

3. My Reaction (온몸이 반응해) – While My Reaction takes on that same mid-tempo R&B sound as the previous song did, I liked their approach a lot more. This time around, everything I had identified as a flaw in the previous song was done better. The melodies and hooks in this song feel more inviting. I also liked how the vocalists of the group could show more with their voices in My Reaction, while the rappers were given an opportunity to shine even brighter than before. It does, however, still lack that memorable element and I felt they could have done more to really make the song even more appealing than what it already is. (7.5/10)

4. Nice – I think the best way to describe Nice is that it is rather bouncy but extremely repetitive with its sound. If you managed to listen to the song until the end of the first chorus, you wouldn’t miss out on much if you paused it then and went onto another song. That being said, I did enjoy the atmosphere of the song. It is a lot more enjoyable than the previous two tracks. The rapping was nicely laid out throughout the song. I also liked the “Dam Dam Dam Di Dam Da Di Dam” repetition in the song, which I think I did enjoy when it was first released. (7/10)

5. Mine – Apart from the title track, Mine is one of my personal favourites from the album. It starts off with a heavy drum beat and well-paced hip-hop influenced rap sequence. I also liked the roiling drum beat in the pre-chorus. The chorus takes a turn going towards a pop sound that you would have heard mostly during the 2000s and I like it. Interestingly, most of the members can be found in the verses, while Youngjae was the only member to take control of the chorus. And he does a really good job, showing us why he is the main vocalist of GOT7. (8.5/10)

6. Back To MeBack To Me is the other favourite from this album. It starts attracting my attention for its bright pop sound and atmosphere. But it doesn’t go down the cutesy route that the title track went for, as I think the album had enough of that vibe from the one song. The chorus was quite catchy and the hooks make the song quite memorable. The “Back-Back-Back To Me” is my favourite bit of the song. I like the vocal and rap work from the members, with Yugyeom’s bridge part standing out for me. (8.5/10)

Overall Album Rating – 7.9/10

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