[Review] Butterfly – LOONA

After debuting with Hi High, LOONA has returned after 6 months with their repackaged version of ++. The mini-album, now titled as ××, features the title track Butterfly. While this is good news for the group and Orbit (the fan club name of LOONA fans), there has been some unfortunate news recently. In the lead up to the Butterfly release, Yves and Yeojin were injured during their concert in a stage accident. Yves has been confirmed to continue promoting, while news regarding Yeojin’s participation hasn’t been confirmed yet. Best wishes to Yeojin for a fast recovery!

Butterfly seems like it is in line with the aesthetics we got in their pre-debut works. It also features a mature sound and stands out for a variety of reasons. The first is the song’s instrumental. The song takes on EDM in a very unique manner. It combines different sounds together to create a very dynamically powerful instrumentation that really allows for the chorus to stand out. I also like how they used a very high pitched ‘Fly Like A Butterfly’ as part of the chorus. It does sound like screeching but you can make out the words and it really adds a depth of colour to the song. The second reason would have to be the vocals. It is that one line again that I think really makes the song stand out, this time slightly lower pitch for the members to be able to sing. The rapping also has to be commended as it isn’t a powerful approach but rather more delicate. But it works well with the rest of the song. I also found it rather interesting that the vocals/raps were minimalistic, as it is usually the instrumental. The third and final reason why the song stands out is the lyrics. They are all about finding oneself and usually, songs of this nature earn applause from me. Overall, Butterfly is uniquely different but so amazing.

The music video zones in the meaning of the song but puts it into focus alongside the LOONAverse (which I actually have previously theorised about). The music video features people from all around the world, who are trying to find themselves in a complicated world. We see a lot of imagery from the LOONAVERSE throughout the video including apples, cassette tape players and eye patches to name a few. Scenes from the music videos were also imitated, while the exact locations in Hong Kong, Paris, LA and Iceland were also revisited. To me, this is a way for LOONA to tell their fans that they are also able to enter the LOONAVERSE and be together with them, while also be able to show their individuality like in LOONA”s pre-debut singles.

Matched alongside the unique yet amazing sound of the song is the choreography, which looks equally as dynamic and intense as the song. I thought the lying down at the start was really cool and the moves during the chorus looked beautiful, especially for dance moves during a music drop.

Song – 10/10
Music Video – 10/10
Performance – 9/10
Overall Rating – 9.8/10

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