[Review] Slow Dance – Park YuChun (JYJ)

As time goes by, I become more and more guilty over the fact that my last JYJ related review was back in 2013 for Xiah Junsu’s Incredible. Their actual last group promotion that I actually reviewed (In Heaven) was actually back in 2011 (when I first started the site). And I feel guilty because I know there have been solo releases and group promotions that I never got around to review them. But that is all going to change now as I will review Park YuChun’s first solo release, Slow Dance, today. This is YuChun’s first Korean solo release since his release from the army last year.

To me, the track doesn’t feel like a KPOP song. I know the current ongoing trend is to infuse Latin influences into KPOP songs. And while Slow Dance is also on board with this trend, the song feels more of a Western song. And I am actually not sure why. There are a number of things that may explain why I feel this way. The instrumental features guitars that give the song those Latin roots. But instead of combining it another genre of music (which I think KPOP has been doing with the trend), Slow Dance builds upon these roots and creates a very nice upbeat track with an R&B touch. I liked the upbeat nature of the track and his vocals are very charming. They also contribute to this non-KPOP feel. His English pronunciation is very good in the song. I actually mistook some of the Korean language for some English, while also feeling how ‘Western’ the song was. Overall, I really like this track. It is smooth and easy-going, which are all factors that I enjoy.

This is a very nice video. I like the mysterious nature of the Spanish guitar player at the start and throughout the video. This is because we don’t see a clear shot of them. They are always in the shadow. YuChun, for the most part, dances in the video but there were a number of solo scenes in the video that had this weird vibe (i.e. when he bends at 1:20 of the video (see below)). Not really sure what is going on. Apart from that, the sets for the video looked really cool and overall, I thought the video was very polished.

The choreography looks nice. Not much slow dancing here and I guess it would be hard with an upbeat song. But the smooth nature in the moves is present and this compliments the song. I liked how they slowed some of the moves to really draw out that smoothness and make it fit the song’s title.

Song – 8.5/10
Music Video – 7/10
Performance – 8/10
Overall Rating – 8/10

7 thoughts on “[Review] Slow Dance – Park YuChun (JYJ)

  1. Thanks for the review! You should listen to the whole album, i agreed that this song and some other songs such as strong and magic to name a few, dont really sound like the usual Kpop songs and i love it😊

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    1. The album is definitely on my listening list!! Bit busy but will try to give it a listen asap. And if I find it interesting, I may even do an album review (but no promises yet)! 🙂


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