[Weekly Charts] 1st Week of March 2019

Welcome back to the charts for this week, the very first week of March 2019. Can we take a moment to have a small breather of the number of comebacks that occurred this week? It was very concentrated around Monday and the comebacks just kept on coming. If you somehow missed out on the past week, here is just a small recap of who returned and debuted! Key (SHINee), Jang Dong Woo (Infinite), TXT, Sunmi, Jus2 (GOT7’s newest unit), R.Tee & Anda and Ravi (VIXX). And those are the ones that I reviewed only. I am still working on other reviews that will be released in the next few days/weeks.

And with these new releases,  you must wonder what on earth the charts for this week must look like. Well, managing to survive the onslaught of comebacks and debuts this week is Senorita by (G)I-DLE, who topped the charts for this week. The only other artists to make it up to the Top 5 who didn’t come back this week is ITZY’s DALLA DALLA, which managed to clinch onto the 5th position. TXT’s Crown, Sunmi’s Noir and Jus2’s Focus On Me are the new releases that start off their chart journey in the Top 5, placing second, third and fourth respectively.

For more of the charts, scroll down below.

3rd Mar – 9th Mar 2019
Title Artist Status
1 Senorita (G)I-DLE (▲ 2)
2 Crown TXT (new)
3 Noir Sunmi (new)
4 Focus Jus2 (new)
6 Butterfly LOONA (▼ 4)
7 Piri Dream Catcher (=)
8 I Wanna Be Key (SHINee) ft. Kim Soyeon ((G)I-DLE) (new)
9 Twit Hwasa (Mamamoo) (▲ 5)
10 TicToc NEONPUNCH (▲ 17)
11 Alligator Monsta X (▼ 6)
12 Enough SF9 (▼ 11)
13 News Jang Dongwoo (Infinite) (new)
14 Gravity TREI (▲ 1)
15 No CLC (▼ 9)
16 Clock Infinite (▲ 12)
17 We Must Love ONF (▼ 5)
18 What You Waiting For? R.Tee & Anda (new)
19 All Night ASTRO (▼ 2)
20 Slow Dance Park Yuchan (JYJ) (▼ 9)
21 Bird Ha Sungwoon (HOTSHOT) (▼ 12)
22 Party Girl Jang Dongwoo (Infinite) (new)
23 A Song For Me Hong Joochan (Golden Child) (▼ 10)
24 Because I Love You Kang Min Kyung (DAVICHI) (▼ 5)
25 Home Seventeen (▼ 9)
26 Valkyrie ONEUS (▲ 7)
27 Tuxedo Ravi (VIXX) (new)
28 Lonely Night KNK (▲ 9)
29 Sunrise Gfriend (▲ 7)
30 Get Away Seven O’Clock (▼ 4)

Songs leaving the chart this week are:

  • %% – APINK
  • I’m OK – iKON
  • Lonely Night – KNK
  • La La Love – WJSN (Cosmic Girl)
  • Valkyrie – ONEUS
  • Ring Ring Ring – VERIVERY
  • Carpet – Yesung (Super Junior) & Bumkey

Thank you again for tuning for another week and hope to see you again after another jam-packed week.

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