[Weekly Chart] 2nd Week of March 2019

Hey everybody, another week has passed and it is time to see which song and artist managed to take over the top spot from last week’s chart! This past week was a little hectic for me as my university timetable started to kick in. And because of that, I felt I wouldn’t be able to keep to my current post schedule. So I made a swap between Thursday and Friday, as you can see in the new schedule below. This kicks in starting today.


Now, let’s shift our focus back on the charts (the real reason why we are all here!). Taking the top spot this week is Sunmi’s Noir, rising from the third position from last week. Following them is ONF’s We Must Love, which rose a whopping 15 spots from last week. Jus2 (consisting of GOT7’s JB and Yugyeom) with Focus On Me also rose up one position to take over the third position. The only new song debuting in the top 5 is GWSN’s Pinky Star (Run). Completing the top 5 for this week is Key’s I Wanna Be. For more of the charts, scroll down below!

11th Mar – 17th Mar 2018
Title Artist Status
1 Noir Sunmi (▲ 2)
2 We Must Love ONF (▲ 15)
3 Focus On Me Jus2 (▲ 1)
4 Pinky Star (RUN) GWSN (new)
5 I Wanna Be Key (SHINee) ft. Kim Soyeon ((G)I-DLE) (▲ 3)
6 gogobebe Mamamoo (new)
7 Piri Dream Catcher (=)
8 Crown TXT (▼ 6)
9 Butterfly LOONA (▼ 3)
10 Twit Hwasa (Mamamoo) (▼ 1)
11 Spring Park Bom ft. Sandara Park (new)
12 Q&A Cherry Bullet (▲ 25)
13 Tuxedo Ravi (VIXX) (▲ 14)
14 Alligator Monsta X (▼ 3)
15 Enough SF9 (▼ 3)
17 Sunrise Gfriend (▲ 12)
18 Only U IMFACT (▲ 25)
19 Slow Dance Park Yuchan (JYJ) (▲ 1)
20 Gravity TREI (▼ 6)
21 I’m A Star Wooseok & KuanLin (new)
22 LOVEDRUNK Epik High ft. Crush (new)
23 Party Girl Jang Dongwoo (Infinite) (▼ 1)
24 What You Waiting For? R.Tee & Anda (▼ 6)
25 Senorita (G)I-DLE (▼ 24)
26 All Night ASTRO (▼ 7)
27 News Jang Dongwoo (Infinite) (▼ 14)
28 Because I Love You Kang Min Kyung (DAVICHI) (▼ 4)
29 No CLC (▼ 14)
30 Home Seventeen (▼ 5)

Songs leaving the charts this week are:

  • Sunrise – Gfriend
  • Faker – LU:KUS
  • Loca – FAVORITE
  • Dream About U – NATURE
  • Ya – Lee Min Hyuk (BTOB)
  • Say My Name – ATEEZ
  • All Night – ASTRO
  • Home – SEVENTEEN

I am still catching up on reviews today and possibly this week for songs released in the past week. Please look forward to them and any other reviews I post for this week. See you all again next Sunday for the next edition of the Weekly KPOP Charts!

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