[Album Review] Dream Part 01. (4th Mini Album) – ASTRO

Today’s ‘Past Album’ Review is ASTRO’s 2017 comeback, Baby and Dream Part 01 mini-album. This review was actually intended to be released earlier in the year. But since ASTRO returned with All Night and their All Light studio album, I decided to postpone it to avoid any clashes between the two albums (I am worried that it might cause confusion for some fans to why I reviewed a previous album and not their latest one). But fast forward 2 months, I think it is time to release this album review to read! So let’s get going!

Dream Part 01 Album Cover

1..Dreams Come TrueDreams Come True begins with a quirky bubble sound in an 8-bit format, which really starts off the album on a unique touch. It progresses into a standard pop dance track for the chorus which I think was nice, but I am a little disappointed that it lost some of that uniqueness. I did like the violins in the background, which I thought was a nice small detail to add to the song. The vocals were nice, especially with that falsetto high note towards the end. The overlapping with the rapping did make the ending a tad messy for my liking but it was still a good ending overall. (8/10)

2. Baby (Title Track)Click here to read the full review of Baby. (8/10)

3. You Smile (니가 웃잖아)You Smile has that Summertime band instrumental feel but ASTRO manages to transform it into a dance track. Come to the think of it, this reminds of their previous comeback at the time of release (Breathless). It is slightly different with the chorus sung individually and the track isn’t overly pop. I enjoyed the vocals in the song. But I think I liked the rapping more, as it felt more suited. The deep voices of the rappers go really well with the fresh feel of the song, hence why they stood for me. (8/10)

4. Because It’s You (너라서)Because It’s You is a ballad that thanks their lover for being there for them and the joy for being by their side. It is a really nice ballad at the start that gradually builds up to a very melodic chorus. It showcases their vocals in a light that I personally have not really seen too much from ASTRO, especially in their earlier days. I would love to hear the rappers sing in the song alongside the rest of the members, especially since they only got a very small portion of the song. I felt like that could have really been nice as it could have doubled up as a song for fans, given the message of the song. (8.5/10)

5. Dream Night Dream Night takes on an upbeat pop instrumental. I did enjoy the energy and bright atmosphere they had within the song. I also thought that the song did well with their vocals. It just didn’t have that excitement to really make it… well… pop. It is another one of those songs that have an instrumental that felt too typical and consistent over the entire length of the track. Furthermore, I wanted a little more to the raps. They could have been more interesting and defined to really stand out. (6.5/10)

6. I’ll Be ThereI’ll Be There is another ballad-like song. But instead of relying on a beautiful melody like in Because It’s You (see track 4), the song relies more on their youthful side. It seems light-hearted and more carefree. Once again, the vocals are on full show but not to the extent as the previously mentioned ballad. The rapping seems to be more reminiscent of their title tracks hence why I can’t really describe the song as ‘beautiful’. I would have liked a more memorable instrumental and less abrupt ending. Personally, the song in passing would be overlooked as it was forgettable for the most part. (7/10)

7. Lie (다 거짓말) – We have another ballad-like track and this one features a very nice orchestral-like instrumental, which really makes the track feel so much more heartbreaking. Lie seems to hint at a broken relationship caused by the lies of their lover. A lot of the lyrics seems to show the members alone due to their lover not being there anymore and that they have to lie as a result to keep up the impression that they are okay (That’s my personal take on the lyrics. The translations that I found don’t really make sense). I thought the song was also a nice presentation of vocals and I really liked how they integrated the rapping into the sad song. (9/10)

8. Every Minute – The album ends with Every Minute, which is a return to their bright and youthful style that ASTRO presented for this comeback. The song features a slight retro and funk touch within its electro-pop instrumental. As a result, it felt like a fun song. I liked their change up for the bridge and the rebound-like transition between this part. I do have to admit the ‘Every Minute’ repetition feels like it would get really annoying with repeated listens but for the time being, it is keyed into my mind as a good hook. (8/10)

Overall Album Rating – 7.9/10

Dream Part 01 Teaser Image

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