[Review] Suffering For Love – EDEN

It is time for another ‘catch up review’, which is what I am now calling these reviews that I should have completed earlier on. Eden is the next artist to have a review done weeks after his release. His single, Suffering For Love, was released on the 15th of March, alongside his 2nd mini-album, EXHALANT. However, you probably have never heard of Eden (I didn’t until the day of release!). He is actually a music producer who has composed tracks for GFriend, BTOB and ATEEZ! So he already boasts big hits under his name. And maybe his single might just join this list!

Eden doesn’t fit the profile of artists who I write reviews for. Firstly, he is a solo act. Unless they come from a group, a well-known company or have a particular history in KPOP, I would gloss over them. Secondly, he is a producer. Not that I have anything against his profession, but I don’t review songs from many producers (unless it is a collaboration with another artist). But his song is very good. I’d say it is a modern R&B ballad. I feel like the R&B side is very prevalent but the modern side is through the use of the synths to create a very emotional driven atmosphere. The chorus is by the far the most memorable bit, with his verses coming a close second. I really like the blast of energy that the song delivers through the chorus, creating a seemingly fitting chaotic atmosphere that is probably an accurate representation of his mind.  Just the English lines ‘I just want to love you, touch you, be with you…‘ and ‘I just want to leave you, hate you, erase you…‘ really summarises how torn he is in the song and why he is suffering. The verses were quite nice because it was like the ‘calm before a storm’. Overall, Suffering In Love is a very tragic but great song to listen to!

The music video shows two sides of the world and the only thing connecting them is a mirror. One side, which is full of light and brightness is the calm zone. We see this often during the verses (i.e. the calm before the storm). The darker scenes feature his partner and more hurtful emotions. It is seen predominately during the chorus. He goes out of his way to keep the mirror covered but at times takes off the covering. This shows that while part of him wants to keep the hurtful side of his life behind him, another part wants to revisit due to his love for his partner. I think this is a very smart and well-present concept and goes extremely well with the song.

Song – 9/10
Music Video – 9/10
Overall Rating – 9/10

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