[Weekly Chart] 2nd Week of April 2019

It is another week and it is another Sunday, which means it is time for a Weekly Chart post. The past week has been relatively quiet in terms with comebacks, with the exception of BTS’s comeback and a single debut. However, I have been busy in the past week and may have missed on a few. Let me know if there any comebacks that I should have reviewed in the past week! And because of the lack of new releases, I have been revisiting many old songs currently on the carts, causing a major shakeup to the rankings this week.

A song that I knew from its release date would top the charts eventually is DIA’s Woowa, which was released 4 weeks ago. Following behind is Stray Kids’ Miroh. The first song to jump a massive number of positions is Focus by Jus2 (GOT7’s latest subunit). Park Bom’s Spring rises once again back into the Top 5, however, not at the same magnitude as Focus. Finally, EVERGLOW’s Bon Bon Chocolat dropped a position, one of the few songs to remain in the Top 30 from last week.

As alluded to and shown in the charts below, a number of songs rose many spots alongside Jus2’s Focus. See below which songs did so!

7th Apr – 13th Apr 2019
Title Artist Status
1 Woowa DIA (▲ 1)
2 Miroh Stray Kids (▲ 3)
3 Focus Jus2 (▲ 36)
4 Spring Park Bom (▲ 11)
5 Bon Bon Chocolat EVERGLOW (▼ 1)
6 Butterfly LOONA (▲ 11)
7 SHA LA LA Pentagon (▲ 5)
8 Boy With Luv BTS (new)
9 I’m A Star Wooseok x KuanLin (▲ 46)
10 Help Me Block B BASTARZ (▼ 2)
11 Beautiful Goodbye Chen (EXO) (▲ 5)
12 Alligator Monsta X (▲ 8)
13 Awake JBJ95 (▲ 22)
14 L.O.V.E Park Ji Hoon (▼ 7)
15 Pinky Star (RUN) GWSN (▼ 4)
16 Feeling Jeong Sewoon ft. Penomeco (▲ 2)
17 Noir Sunmi (▲ 5)
18 Still Loving You 100.00% (▲ 41)
19 Violeta IZ*ONE (▼ 18)
20 Bom BOL4 (▲ 13)
21 I’m Home Minho (SHINee) (▲ 4)
22 Hocus Pocus BVNDIT (new)
23 gogobebe Mamamoo (▲ 8)
24 Enough SF9 (▲ 21)
25 In The Rain Yoon Ji Sung (▲ 22)
26 Clock Infinite (▲ 23)
28 Want Taemin (SNSD) (▲ 32)
29 Slow Dance Park Yuchan (JYJ) (=)
30 Tonight (With Melody) Lee Minhyuk (BTOB) (▲ 23)

Thank you once again and see you all next week during the Easter long weekend!

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