[Review] Tu eres – NEWKIDD

Making their debut in the past week is NEWKIDD. They may actually be a familiar name with two subunits of the group making their debut in the past, along with NEWKIDD member Ji Hansol making into UNB through the survival reboot show, The UNI+. So, the group has some experience on the stage already. But here is a quick recap before we dive into Tu eres. The group is a seven-member male group (consisting of Jinkwon, Ji Hansol, Choi Jiann, Yunmin, Woochul, Kang Seungchan, and Hwi) currently under J-Flo Entertainment.

To me, Tu eres is a standard house dance track. There really isn’t anything that flashy about the instrumental to really set it apart from the competition. The start was promising, especially with the keyboard or piano. But once the beat became comfortable, I wasn’t really that blown away. What did manage to really reel me into the song were the vocals and the raps. The vocals were quite crisp, clear and showcased proudly over the instrumental.  The raps gave the song a dynamic feel and a sense of boldness that I didn’t really register with the rest of the song. Together, I think they did a lot in place of the instrumental which, once again, featured more standard elements than anything else. The song didn’t seem catchy, which is disappointing as you want a debut track to be memorable. But then again, many groups have come back from non-memorable debut tracks in the past, so there is always room to improve, especially when they did demonstrate potential.

The camera quality for this debut music video is on point! I think this already has me biased. The content doesn’t seem to have much, with the video focusing mainly on choreography and close up shots. The video is set in a foreign outdoor marketplace, similar to the concept that the (G)I-DLE’s LATATA and Hann music video. The video was also situated in this classy black backdrop scenery, with the now normalised water dance shot. Together, they may seem like ideas done before but I think it was a nice video regardless of that.

The choreography shares the same fate as the music video. Nothing new but it was still enjoyable to watch. I did like the energy they put into their moves. Apart from that, I don’t have much else to comment on.

Song – 6.5/10
Music Video – 7.5/10
Performance – 7/10
Overall Rating – 6.9/10

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