[Album Review] Veri-Able (2nd Mini Album) – VERIVERY

Apologies for the delayed release of this album review. It was meant to be published yesterday but I decided to focus on my assignment last night (as I was one task away from completing it). Now that has been wrapped up, I can spend my weekend catching up on these posts! Today’s focus is on VERIVERY’s latest mini-album, Veri-Able. I never got around to reviewing this first mini-album (Veri-Us) as I passed over to it because I didn’t find any songs interesting. This time around, however, I did find some songs interesting enough to talk about, so that is why we are here today.

Veri-Able Album Cover

1..From Now (딱 잘라서 말해) (Title Track)Click here to read the full review for From Now. (8/10) – Note that I did mention that in the From Now review that I wanted to hear something that was different. I have bumped up my rating from a 7.5 to 8 on the review, as I realized (after listening to this album) that retro does pretty much suit them and the album pretty much shows off variety.

2. Love Line – To me, Love Line sounds like a typical pop track. But there is more to track than its typicalness. The song kicks off with some keyboard and it gradually builds to its catchy chorus. I like how the track is smooth and the melody just comes off with ease. The vocal work was pretty good and the rapping complimented the melody and overall vibes of the track. I think this would be a good song to follow up with after promotions end for From Now. I can see a very pleasing performance to match the song. I think I like the ending the most, where they all come together. It makes the song feel very inclusive and really supports the hook of the song. (9/10)

3. All I Do (나 집에 가지 않을래) – Changing the energy of the album is All I Do. Coming from two fun and upbeat songs, this ballad start was very unexpected (I did expect slight ease from the upbeat songs prior to this one). And like most songs, All I Do manages to change it up a bit, which I was grateful. The ballad start was good, but I couldn’t see 3 minutes worth of it. The song ended up transforming into this 80s pop ballad, with retro synths. And I quite enjoyed it. I liked how they kept the momentum going for the second verse but opted for a middle area between the two styles, so the track didn’t depart entirely from its opening parts. I also enjoyed the layering in the with the vocals and the raps, giving it a very nice texture. (8/10)

4. Get Ready – VERIVERY’s pitch to us is retro-sounding tracks if you have not realized yet. Get Ready is probably their strongest pitch that really reminds me of the 90s. It is a fun track, loaded with energy and intensity, which are all things I like. It is also quite fast-paced, so it does become overwhelming slightly. But it isn’t too overpowering as you get used to it eventually. The track also boasts strong vocals and rap sequences, which I think adds to the fun side of the song. I also enjoy those deep sounds in the background (that the members make with the help of autotune). Interesting textural element and it adds a quirky vibe that I cannot forget. (9/10)

5. Light Up – The song that the group did opt as a secondary title track during their first week of promotions was a slow building tropical house track. Their retro pitch thus on the album was really good and I wanted them to continue this moment. So to see them end the album with a track that conforms to modern trends rather than play on that retro pitch was disappointing in a sense. And because it was slow building, the track felt it was their weakest. I guess I wanted a strong drop and something to really continue the energy from the previous track. But I liked the crispness of their vocals and the rapping was nice. (7/10)

Overall Album Rating – 8.2/10

Veri-Able Teaser Image

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