[Review] Unspoken Words – DAVICHI

The digital dominating ballad duo, DAVICHI, has returned with their latest comeback, Unspoken Words. Since the release of their latest single and mini-album, the pair have already taken over the major charts. This is especially worth noting as we find ourselves in another period of tough competition from other artists who have been dominating the charts for the past few weeks. We last saw Davichi through their Days Without You promotions, which also featured Kang Daniel in the music video.

DAVICHI is sticking to what they are known for and do best with, as Unspoken Words is another ballad. And as per their chart performance, it seems like this track will be another successful ballad from the duo. The ballad is quite warming and extremely comfortable, which I tend to associate with a Wintertime ballad. But there is a little energy making it appropriate for the upcoming warmer season. I think the instrumental is very beautiful, with the classical instruments building up to a pretty decent peak. It pairs extremely well with the member’s vocals, which I really think is shown off proudly in this track. As the instrumental builds, so does the vocals, which is pretty much ideal. I particularly found that small harmony moment between the members to be a stunning moment in the song. I think the song is quite strong but it just doesn’t jump out at me as their best. I do see myself getting bored with it, as ballads do come and go quite often nowadays as per my listening routine.

Given the title, you think the song would be emotionally driven. But with the majority of ballads, I tend to discuss an emotional sound. If you haven’t noticed, I haven’t touched upon that yet. I didn’t really hear that emotional connection. I find that quite interesting. But the emotional side of this comeback was felt more profoundly with the music video. We are shown a young female, standing at the beach and reminiscing about her past relationship. While doing so, she is brought to tears and this implies that she has some ‘unspoken words’ to her former partner. I think this provides a stronger mechanism to provides the song’s message, as images do end up being as powerful as the audio. I also liked the contrast of colours. It was colder through the sadder moments, while definitely colourful and warming in the happier memories.

Song – 8/10
Music Video – 8/10
Overall Rating – 8/10

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