[Album Review] The Fifth Season (1st Studio Album) – Oh My Girl

It is quite surprising to see how long some artists are active in the industry before they get to release a studio album. For Oh My Girl, it has been four years since their debut back in 2015 and the group has just released this first studio album. It has definitely been a long time coming, especially after all the great mini-album releases we got from the group over the years. The Fifth Season contains 9 songs including the title track of the same name. The album also contains an instrumental track for the title track as well but due to the nature of the review, I won’t be having a look at it. So let’s start off the album review right now!

The Fifth Season Album Cover

1..The Fifth Season (SSFWL) (다섯 번째 계절) (Title Track)Click here to read the full review for The Fifth Season (SSFWL). (9/10)

2. Shower (소나기) – Opening the track up is typical pop instrumentation that doesn’t differentiate them from other girl groups. And this typicalness flows onto their chorus, so there was that feeling in the air throughout the length of the song. I think similar comments can be made about the vocals and rapping. I did hear some attempts to disrupt this typical feeling with some textural changes in their voices, particularly around the second pre-chorus. But they weren’t that successful. There isn’t anything bad about a typical song, Just Shower ends up being a song to attract some yawns. (6/10)

3. Case No. L5VE (미제) – Now this is the type of song that I want. It does fall within that typical nature once again. But this one has enough to keep the yawns away (hahaha…). There is also a lot of textures in this song, which keeps it interesting and makes the song fun. Firstly, the chorus has this cheerful and happy pop tone to it, which I am enjoying. Secondly, there is a lot more rapping (and they last for longer periods), which I thought was a really nice build up to the chorus. Thirdly, I really liked the elegant nature of the vocals, which made the rest of the song so flowy. Overall, Case No. L5VE was definitely an ear-catching piece. (9/10)

4. Tic Toc – As soon as the song opened, and I heard the first member, I honestly thought I was listening to the wrong artist (I had to make sure I wasn’t listening to Twice). Tic Toc was a catchy and upbeat pop song that really gets me into a cheerful mood. Mimi’s rapping, once again, worked wonders in this song, giving it a needed injection of intensity. I also like the vocals and the melody that they have in this track. I find the melody to be an attractive part of the song. I also enjoyed the ‘Tic Toc’ Mimi (I think) says throughout the song and the mini outro we get, which dragged the song out by a few more seconds with an instrumental that I enjoyed. (8/10)

5. Gravity (유성) – So far, we have heard of a lot of pop tracks, but they do fall under that typical nature (sorry for the repetitive use of that word). Gravity changes it up slightly. While the song does delve headfirst back into the pop genre, the song does have a very dynamic appeal that comes from the chorus. I thought the ‘Gravity~’ hook they used was beautifully done and it sounded like you were floating away while listening to it. The instrumental ‘felt very wide’ and spacious, making the ‘Gravity~’ repetition very impactful. I also really think the elegant melody returns in this song, which I think is another positive aspect of the track. (8.5/10)

6. Crime SceneCrime Scene is another fun sounding and vibrant track. I thought the title was very intriguing, given that I do enjoy crime myself. So, naturally, I gravitated towards the lyrics for this song. The song is being attracted towards your lover and the confusion that surrounds it. In the song, they question why they are being pulled to their partner. Though, I don’t get why they are ‘Chillin’ your love’. That is the only clue I haven’t cracked yet. Even though it does sound very odd in the song’s context, I found it to be very catchy and almost addictive. I really like the vocals and rapping in this track. I also like the slight change in tempo they gave us for the second half of the chorus. It made the song feel less linear. (8/10)

7. Underwater Love (심해 (마음이라는 바다))Underwater Love directs itself towards the ‘mandatory ballad’ of the album. It doesn’t get there exactly as it diverts with a pretty R&B instrumental. While I don’t regularly enjoy the ‘mandatory ballad’ track on the album, I find this one to cut the vibrant and upbeat nature of the album thus far quite well. I don’t find it as boring as I had expected it to be. The vocals are nice and I really like the soft whisper-like rapping tone in the song. Overall, I find it to be a decent track. (7/10)

8. VogueVogue is sung by Mimi, Yooa, Jiho and Arin. And it is my pick for the best song on the album. Like I don’t think you can keep me away from this track. Vogue pays either pays homage to Madonna or the artist and her song heavily influenced the production of this song. But either way, it is done in a spectacular fashion as it goes straight for Madonna’s well-known style. It has this very mature sound to it that I did not know Oh My Girl had in them. The vocals are on point and damn, the verses are so good. They manage to give the chorus an upbeat feel, which I think manages to get the song to fit in with the rest of the album (and Oh My Girl’s releases) but at the same time make the song even more dynamic. (10/10)

9. Checkmate – Ending the album is another vibrant track that is bound to get you ready for any event. I think the use of brass in this song really makes it appropriate for parties. YooA is proving to be the star of this album. While I haven’t singled any member this far into the review, YooA has continually showcased herself in a very bold manner. Her vocals at the very start of the song was definitely a wake call for me. I also liked how the chorus was very sharp. This gives off a nice and impactful punch every single time, making it a very powerful track. I think the song had a lot of great hooks, making it extremely addictive. It is a great and very strong ender to the album (10/10)

Overall Album Rating – 8.4/10

The Fifth Season Teaser Image

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