[Album Review] WE (5th Mini Album) – EXID

As mentioned previously, EXID will be going on an indefinite hiatus after wrapping up promotions for their latest mini-album, WE. This is due to Hani and Junghwa not renewing contracts with their current company. However, despite this headline, the group have continually stressed that the group is not disbanding and that they will be continuing as a five-member group in the future. As this will be the group’s final mini-album for some time, I jumped on the opportunity to review the mini-album, which features 7 tracks, including an urban mix of their previous single, Lady, and the instrumental version of their title track, ME & YOU (Note that these two tracks will not contribute to the ‘Overall Album Rating’).

WE Album Cover

1..Me & You (Title Track)Click here to read the full review for Me & You. (8.5/10)

2. We Are – Reading the lyrics to this song, We Are is a song for the fans. The members thank their fans in the song and remind that ‘We Have Each Other’ no matter what. It is definitely touching and at certain times, you can hear some emotions behind their voices (particularly Solji’s part of the song). The song itself features an R&B influenced instrumental and a chorus that continually repeats the title of the song in a heavily autotuned fashion. I am not too troubled by this as it gave the song an interesting texture. But I do see how it does chip away at the emotive side of the song. Personally, my favourite part of the song is the ending, with each member singing one line to the outro. It is definitely a nice way to leave us for the time being. (8/10)

3. The Vibe (아끼지마) – Impact is delivered from the very first second with The Vibe. Hani starts off the song in a spectacular manner that I cannot stop replaying. And her vocal performance throughout the rest of the song is outstanding. Usually, Solji is the member that gets the attention for vocals. But Hani is the real winner in the song. The other members (including Solji) do display great vocals. And while I really like the bluesy feels of the song, I felt the song was lacking in the instrumental domain. Sure, a complex instrumental would have been detrimental to the song and hide the vocals in this track. But I think the one they stuck in The Vibe was relatively plain and almost bland (if it wasn’t for the vocals). (8/10)

4. How You Doin’ (어떻게지내) – This is probably my pick for best song on the album. How You Doin’ has a groovy beat that I cannot help but enjoy. The upbeat atmosphere was something missing on this album (excluding the title track), so I am quite appreciative of the energy it brings. Junghwa’s ‘How You Doin’’ repetition was addictive and hooked me onto the song. The vocals and rapping were amazing in this track, drawing me in from the start as well. Some of the members brought a husky tone to the song, which I really enjoyed. I personally do not think there is any disappointing second in this song, which is an excellent thing. (9/10)

5. Midnight (나의밤)Midnight closes out this album review, but it isn’t the final song on the album. Midnight has a pleasant tone to it. I cannot deny that. The song just doesn’t have any aspect that I think it is worth diving in for a second or third listen. In other words, I find it to be the weakest song on the album. The vocals were okay, but they don’t offer anything interesting, as per the other songs on the album. Likewise, the hooks weren’t strong or memorable enough. The ‘Bam Ba Bam’ was probably my pick for the highlight for the song but it just didn’t stick around for much due to the progression of the lyrics. (6/10)

Overall Album Rating – 7.9/10

WE Teaser Image

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