[Album Review] Spinning Top: Between Security & Insecurity (9th Mini Album) – GOT7

I will not be publishing any other album reviews this week as I won’t be able to find time to do so. 

GOT7 made their comeback last week with another dynamic track, Eclipse. And knowing that I am a big fan of GOT7’s discography (as my previous album reviews), I am not going to delay listening to this album anymore. Spinning Top: Between Security & Insecurity is the group’s 9th mini-album to date and it features 6 songs in total (all of which I will review today!). The physical album also consists of the instrumental for the title track. Jinyoung, JB, Youngjae, BamBam and Yugyeom each had influence in the music or lyrics of certain songs on the album.

Spinning Top: Between Security & Insecurity Album Cover

1.. – Starting off the entire album is , which I am viewing as a very strong start. I find the song very captivating. The dramatic flair that the song introduces with their short violin-like effect is very appealing. The song does become a little traditional with its R&B tune, but I find the atmosphere to be quite uneasy, which I think goes hand-in-hand with insecurity message that the song had. I think what the song manages to do amazingly is showcase the vocals of the group. I was very impressed with all the members. I found Youngjae’s part in the first chorus to be very impactful. Changing from a whisper to loud vocals without any notice caught me off guard and I enjoyed that. The effect wasn’t the same for the following choruses (which was disappointing, but I now knew what I was expecting). I really enjoyed the rapping tone of the members as well. Overall, a strong start (as I mentioned earlier). (9/10)

2. ECLIPSE (Title Track)Click here to read the full review of ECLIPSE. (8/10)

3. The End (끝) – Following the very intense nature of ECLIPSE, The End opts for a more melodic and soft approach. I personally didn’t find the start of the song to be that captivating and it felt more typical than anything else. But within half a minute, I found the song developing into something intriguing. I would describe it to be very calming and dynamic, but these two words don’t really feel like they go together usually. Its melodic approach to the chorus is definitely an appealing aspect to the song for me. I really like that extra layer of instrumentation for the second half of the chorus, giving some more energy to the song. It was catchy and (once again) managed to showcase nice vocals and rapping. (9/10)

4. TIME OUT – I think TIME OUT could have been more appealing in the instrumentation domain. There is an intriguing factor with what they started off with, but I quickly got bored with this. There wasn’t much attempt to change it up, which I thought was a disappointing aspect. The vocals were pretty decent but that ‘TIME OUT’ shout just before each chorus felt very out of place, in my opinion. I do get the message of the song, but that shout felt more suited for a song with a more hyped up instrumental. But to speak of the song in a more positive light, I enjoyed its soft nature and liked how it continued break from the intense nature of the title track (I did need two songs to recuperate from its energy). (7/10)

5. Trust Me (믿어줄래)Trust Me seems to edge us back into the intensity realm. And I think it did a wonderful job as it just doesn’t launch you right into dubstep or anything overwhelmingly intense. Instead, it incorporates what I think sounds like R&B into the mix. I really like the kick they give to the chorus. Not too upbeat and well balanced with the more uneventful style of verses. I think the song showcases their vocals and raps best. I am reading it as a ballad on other sites, but I thought it could have been a spin on a traditional pop track that you really enjoy. You know, the pop tracks that artists release that doesn’t require flashy choreography and sounds more typical than anything else (but is still good). (8.5/10)

6. Page – By having Trust Me before it, we can officially move to a very upbeat track without feeling like it was thrown out of nowhere. The upbeat track that GOT7 follows up with is Page, which I think it is a great club-music track. I thought it was quite fun, especially with Jackson and JB’s addictive launch into the song’s hook. I found this track to be very dynamic as a result of its upbeat combination. I did want the song to have more bass to be even more exciting and hyped up. But Page does a fantastic job of rounding out the album. And like the rest of the album, it features good vocals and rapping. (9/10)

Overall Album Rating – 8.4/10

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