[Review] Twilight – ONEUS

Apologies for the lack of reviews once again. I have been very busy and I am making some time today to squeeze in two reviews to just not fall way behind on the new releases. Returning today is ONEUS, a new male group who made their debut earlier in the year with Valkirye. Hence, this is ONEUS’ first comeback ever since their debut and their new title track is named Twilight. In related news, ONEUS’s band counterpart, ONEWE made their debut a few weeks back with Reminisce About All.

I personally find Twilight to be a nice continuation from the group’s debut track. I just find that it lacks some energy when it comes to the verses, which result in them not being not as memorable as the other parts of the track. I did find the guitar-based instrumentation in the verses to be interesting to an extent. They do set a moody tone to the track, which I think is the element that keeps Twilight in line with Valkirye. The choruses incorporate a more upbeat and trap-like instrumental. I found this to be, obviously, the more dynamic section of the track. But it wasn’t the most memorable section of the track. That is awarded to the pre-chorus, that the song opens up with. The combination of the thumping in the background and the tiny bit of raspiness goes a long way. I also like how one of the vocalists and the rapper combine their voices together towards the end of the pre-chorus to create an ultra rough and impactful section of the song. That really stood out for me. The rest of the vocals and raps were quite good, as well.

I really like the building they shot the video in. While I am not always a fan of these classy styled buildings, the way the director shot this video really made the castle-like building stand out. It is absolutely a well-appreciated changeup, especially since they were in a box for their debut music video. I am personally not sure if there is a story embedded in the video for not. It seems like that is the case with how serious and how they interact with various components in the video. I see that they played the backflip card in the video and I thought it was a little cliche, especially how many male groups have a member (or two) capable of doing the exact same thing.

But the backflip did showcase some fierceness in the music video. And I feel like that fierceness was brought along to the choreography as well. I think the fast-paced section of the chorus is definitely a decent example of the fierceness. I also like that slow spin move that did during the bridge of the performance. That was quite cool.

Song – 8/10
Music Video – 8/10
Performance – 9/10
Overall Rating – 8.2/10

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