[Review] Leave It – N.Flying

The second band that I wanted to cover today is N.Flying, who returned with Spring Memories back in April. Unfortunately, it seems like the group did not get much of a response for their new single, despite just topping charts with Rooftop a few weeks prior. Despite that, the group went forward with follow-up promotions, returning with the song Leave It (which featured on the same mini-album as Spring Memories). The music video for Leave It came out almost two weeks after the release of Spring Memories, with the follow-up promotions occurring in the same week.

Unlike my previous review, I did actually check out this release on the day it dropped. But delayed the review as I had already reviewed Spring Memories the previous week. It hasn’t been touched since. Leave It is another band track that has a that doesn’t have that same head-banging feel as the previous review did. However, it did have a Summery vibe to it, which makes it suitable for the current season. Leave It has a pop sound to it, which makes it easy on the ears and energy filled. I find the track to have some playful melodies as well, which makes this track refreshing and enjoyable to listen to. I think the vocals were nice. Hwesung’s vocals, just before each chorus, was superb. And the rapping supplied by Seunghyub gave the song some needed intensity and texture. Overall, it is slightly disappointing that the group hasn’t got much attention for this release, especially with a song like this on the track list.

You can tell that the music video was put together with a little haste. It makes me think that the company and band put all their money onto Spring Memories. And when both parties realized that the title track was taking off as expected, they switched over to Leave It. Anyway, the video does have an easy going element to it due to its simplicity, which reflects well with the fun vibe that comes from the track. I like how the members still make most of the time, interacting in a playful manner with the camera.

Song – 9/10
Music Video – 8/10
Overall Rating – 8.6/10

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