[Album Review] 1/4 (1st Single Album) – ONEWE

To continue and end the focus on the band theme I started yesterday is an album review. Initially, I was going to review one of ONEWE’s b-side singles but I realized that there were music videos accompanying each. So instead of picking just one, I opted for an album review where I could focus on the songs and transfer the music videos to an upcoming ‘Missed Music Video’ post. 1/4 is the band’s debut single album and I am guessing there will be a few more quarters heading our way. The single features 3 songs in total and a remix of the first song (which I have, again, decided not to include in the final review score).

1/4 Album Cover

1..Ring On My Ears (귀걸이가 나를 때리게)Ring On My Ears starts off as a slow rock ballad that opens up the debut single album in a very fashionable sense. They could have had an opening track that showed off their band work by using an energetic rock vibe. But they kept it in line with the title track. The energy in this track is subdued and doesn’t pick up until it gets to the chorus, which is where the song ends up going for a classic rock vibe. The pre-chorus build-up is quite nice and is my pick for the best moments of the track because it felt like a very strong section. The vocals were good. However, I found it interesting they opted for autotuned vocals, which adds a rough texture to the song. A remix of the song is present as Track 4 of the album, giving the song an electronic touch. The chorus ends up being more explosive, which I think was a smart changeup. Based solely on the original version of the track, I thought it was a well-produced opener to the group and album. (9/10)

2. Reminisce About All (다 추억) (Title Track)Click here to read the full review for Reminisce About All. (9.5/10)

3. 0 & 4 (공과 사)0 & 4 is a laidback track that has a little fun mixed within its production, showcasing that the band isn’t all serious as their previous tracks have demonstrated. I find this track to be very nice after a long day, especially when you need to do some wrapping up of the day’s activities. It is light and pleasant, making it perfect for such activities. The vocals were nice and light as well. The rapping was a much-appreciated inclusion, as it felt like a missing element on this album (I know there was a rapping sequence in the first song but it felt like it could be passed off as a vocal sequence instead). As for the meaning of the track, it seems 0 & 4 is a play on ‘private and business life’ due to its similar pronunciation in the Korean language, based on a translation that I found. Overall, I thought it was a nice track to end with. (8/10)

Overall Album Rating – 8.8/10

ONEWE 1/4 Teaser Image

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