[Weekly Chart] 3rd Week of June 2019

Welcome to the Weekly Charts posts for the 3rd Week of June 2019. I hope everyone has been doing well. It has been a busy week for me, with many reviews being released this week. The catch up with continue onto this week and I think I am almost up to date! For the ‘Past Album Review’, I will be restarting in July (despite promises to start it again this month). I feel like I should focus on the catch up for the more recent releases and then the past stuff. I also have a number of special posts planned for the coming weeks, so keep your eyes open for those!

As for the charts this week, there was a massive reshuffle in the ranking this week. This is partly due to the catch-up, resulting in songs from a few weeks back being bumped up towards the top of the charts. I have accepted the results as it is, rather than faking it. So below is your Top 5 summary for this week!

Despite the catch-up shake-up, Red Velvet’s latest comeback track, Zimzalabim, managed to come out on top of the charts. This ended up bumping last week’s number 1 song, Boogie Up by WJSN, to the second position. The last few weeks, we have seen the same songs in the top 5. This week, a brand new lineup takes the third to fourth position. Leo’s Romanticism debuts on the chart in the third position. NCT Dream and HRVY’s collaboration reaches the fourth position, while Somi’s Birthday completes this week’s top 5 rankings! For more of the charts, scroll down below!

16th Jun – 22nd Jun 2019
Title Artist Status
1 Zimzalabim Red Velvet (new)
2 Boogie Up WJSN (Cosmic Girls) (▼ 1)
3 Romanticism Leo (VIXX) (new)
4 Don’t Need Your Love NCT Dream X HRVY (▲ 28)
5 Birthday Jeon Somi (▲ 7)
6 Eden IZ (▲ 38)
7 RPM SF9 (new)
8 Eclipse GOT7 (▲ 5)
9 Doom Doom NOIR (▲ 28)
10 Me & You EXID (▼ 1)
11 Superhuman NCT 127 (▼ 1)
12 Run Away Teen Top (▼ 6)
13 Really Really Cherry Bullet (▼ 6)
14 Breathe AB6IX (▼ 9)
15 Wave ATEEZ (▲ 7)
16 The Fifth Season (SSFWL) Oh My Girl (▼ 13)
17 Picky Picky Weki Meki (▲ 19)
18 Ah Yeah WINNER (▲ 6)
19 Bloom Bloom The Boyz (▲ 6)
20 Side Effects Stray Kids (new)
21 Fun fromis_9 (▼ 17)
22 Hollywood AB6IX (▲ 8)
23 Fancy TWICE (▲ 3)
24 Beautiful Days Lovelyz (▼ 3)
25 Focus Kim Dong Han (▲ 8)
26 Heart Sign Ong Seong Woo (▼ 3)
27 UNDER COVER A.C.E (▼ 13)
28 Reminisce About All ONEWE (▼ 13)
29 Hold On Me Nam Woohyun (Infinite) (▼ 12)
30 Feedback Ladies Code (▼ 3)

Songs leaving the charts this week are:

  • Fancy – TWICE
  • Beautiful – TARGET
  • In The Silence – Son Dong Woon (HIGHLIGHT)
  • From Now – VERIVERY
  • Spring Memories – N.Flying
  • SSFW – Chanyeol (EXO)
  • I’ll Be There – Yoon Ji Sung
  • Hollywood – AB6IX
  • Cat & Dog – TXT
  • Hard To Say Goodbye – Bae Jin Young
  • Old Movie – Heechul (Super Junior)

Thank you once again and I will see you all during the week for the next review!

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