Artist Profiles

Introducing, Artist Profiles. It has been something that I have been wanting to do. One of my aims for this site is to introduce you guys to different or new artists. But as the industry is so large nowadays, it is hard to keep up or easy to forget songs, hence I have decided to collate artist profiles together for your ease.

I simply look at their careers and note things down. Hence this will include their debut (and if the case arises, their disbandment) dates, songs that they have promoted, artist lineup, subunits, solo works of different members and any other notable songs that I thought would be worth mentioning.  I personally do not want to remember different artist’s birthdays, heights, weights etc. So I am going to be blunt. If that is what you are after, this is unfortunately not the right place for that.

However, if you are new to an artist and wonder what else they have to offer, then, by all means, come and check them out. I have sorted them into different groups and then alphabetically. Though I have a feeling that the list is going to get much long and I am going to probably change the way you will be navigating to them, but that won’t be until I consider the list big.

Simply hover on the right tab above or click the big links below to navigate to the artist.

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