4Minute (포미닛)


Debut: 2009

Active: 7 years

Disbanded: 13 June 2016

Company: Cube Entertainment

Members (L to R): Jiyoon, Sohyun, Hyuna (Former member of Wonder Girls), Gayoon, Jihyun

Promoted Songs:

Promoted Songs Album Release


Hot Issue
For Muzic (1st Mini Album)
2010 Huh
I Me My Mine
Hit You Heart (2nd Mini Album)
2011 Heart To Heart (7/10)
Mirror Mirror (3.5/10)
4Minutes Left (1st Studio Album)
2012 Volume Up (8/10) Volume Up (3rd Mini Album)
2013 What’s Your Name? (7.5/10) Name is 4Minute (4th Mini Album)
Is It Poppin’? (2/10)
2014 Whatcha Doin’ Today (8/10) 4Minute World (5th Mini Album)
2015 Crazy (9/10) Crazy (6th Mini Album)
2016 Hate (7.5/10) Act. 7 (7th Mini Album)

Other Notable Songs:

    • Cold Rain (2015)

2Yoon (투윤)


Debut: 2013

Members (L to R): Jiyoon, Gayoon

Promoted Songs Album Release
2013 24/7 (9.5/10) Harvest Moon (1st Mini Album)