Sistar (씨스타)


Debut: 2010

Disbanded: 4 June 2017

Company: Starship Entertainment

Members (L to R):  Dasom, Hyorin, Bora, Soyu

Promoted Songs:

  Promoted Songs Album Release
2010 Push Push Push Push (1st Single)
Shady Girl Shady Girl (2nd Single)
How Dare You How Dare You (3rd Single)
2011 So Cool So Cool (1st Studio Album)
2012 Alone Alone (1st Mini Album)
Loving U Loving U (1st Special Summer Album)
2013 Give It To Me Give It To Me (2nd Studio Album)
2014 Touch My Body Touch N Move (2nd Mini Album)
I Swear Sweet & Sour (2nd Special Summer Album)
2015 Shake It Shake It (3rd Mini Album)
2016 I Like That Insane Love (4th Mini Album)
2017 Lonely Lonely (4th Single)


  • Pink Romance (2011) with K.Will & Boyfriend
  • Snow Candy (2013) with K.Will & Boyfriend
  • Love Is You (2014) with K.Will, Boyfriend, Mad Clown, JungGiGo & Jooyoung

Other Notable Songs:

  • Crying (2012)
  • Ok Go! (2014)
  • String (2016)
  • Wanna Do It (2016)

SISTAR19 (씨스타19)


Debut:  2011

Members (L to R): Bora, Hyorin

Promoted SongS:


Song Week(s)
L.I.E 1st & 3rd Week of June 2016
DDD 2nd & 3rd Week of November 2017


Past Reviews

Song Week(s)
I Like That Week 4 & Week 5 of June 2017

Year Award
2016 Best Non-Title Track Song (String) *



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