Male Group Profiles

Welcome to the main page for the Male Group Artist Profiles. Listed below are the links to the respective artist profiles. They will be listed in alphabetical order, so it is easier to find the artist you are looking for.

Male solo acts can be found on the Solo Artist Profiles page UNLESS they are still part of a group (where you kind find their profiles in their respective group’s page). For example, Hyuna used to be part of 4MINUTE. If Hyuna was still a part of 4MINUTE, then you will find her solo profile on the 4MINUTE page. As 4MINUTE has officially disbanded, Hyuna is now her own act and you can find her profile under Solo Artist.

I hope you find these profiles interesting and if you have any other content you wish to see the profiles feel free to drop a comment so I can see the suggestions. Please note that I am still changing some layout within the reviews so they might change around.

BTOB (비투비)

GOT7 (갓세븐)

VIXX (빅스)