BtoB (비투비)


Debut:  2012

Company: Cube Entertainment

Members (L to R): Changsub, Peniel, Ilhoon, Sungjae, Minhyuk, Eunkwang, Hyunshik

Promoted Songs:

  Promoted Songs Album Release
2012 Insane (8.3/10)
Irresistible Lips
Born To Beat (1st Mini Album)
WOW (8/10) Press Play (2nd Mini Album)
2013 2nd Confession (6/10) 2nd Confession (1st Single Album)
Thriller (5.5/10) Thriller (3rd Mini Album)
2014 Beep Beep (8.5/10) Beep Beep (4th Mini Album)
You’re So Fly (5/10) Move (5th Mini Album)
The Winter’s Tale (6.4/10) The Winter’s Tale (6th Mini Album)
2015 It’s Okay (7/10) Complete (1st Studio Album)
Way Back Home (7/10) I Mean (7th Mini Album)
2016 Remember That (9/10) Remember That (8th Mini Album)
I’ll Be Your Man (8/10) New Men (9th Mini Album)
2017 Movie (6.5/10) Feel’Em (10th Mini Album)
Missing You (9.5/10) Brother Act (2nd Studio Album)

Other Notable Songs:

  • Father (2012)
  • Hello Mello (2014)
  • You Can Cry (2014)

  Promoted Songs Album Release
2016 Stand By Me Stand By Me (1st Single)


Member Songs Release Date
Changsub At The End 24th April 2017
Ilhoon Fancy Shoes 30th May 2017
Peniel That Girl 27th June 2017
Hyunsik Swimming 24th July 2017
Minhyuk Purple Rain 10th August 2017
Sungjae Paradise
Tell Me
30th August 2017
Eunkwang One Day
That Time
19th September 2017


Year Award
2015 Rising Star
2017 Best Vocals

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