Last year, I gave all of you (the readers of this blog) the opportunity to vote in the very first special KPOPREVIEWED AWARDS for 2017, where every category was fan-voted!. And since that was hugely successful, it is time to vote in the 2018 KPORPEVIEWED Awards.

This year, choosing the nominees was a lot harder and took much longer than expected. But don’t you worry, I believe I chose a representative bunch of nominees throughout all the categories. I have even split some categories to make it fair (Best Male Dance Performance, Best Female Dance Performance) and added a few extra new categories for potential awards that I missed out on last year (Best Band, Most Underrated Artist and Best Album)!

Voting opens on the 1st of December (0:00 AM) and will continue until 31st of December (11:59PM), giving you all exactly one month to pick and choose who you think deserves the awards. After that, I will be creating a post that shows you who won each award (like at the start of this year).

And once again, you all will have the opportunity to choose the BEST SONG OF 2018. There are a number of ground rules for this category, however:

  • Select your Top 5 songs and enter them in the provided section at the end of the survey.
  • Include songs that were released between the dates of 1st of January 2018 and 30th of November 2018 ONLY. Songs released in December will not be considered this year (and will be considered for next year!)
  • Your votes will make up 50% of the criteria, whilst the other 50% will come from the Weekly Charts.

So without any more delays, best of luck to all the nominees! Stretch your fingers and start voting!

If you are unable to view the survey embedded in the page, please click on the link here to be taken to the survey.

Top 50 KPOP Songs of 2017


Welcome to the final post for the 2017 KPOPREVIEWED Awards. It is time to find out who took out the award for Best Song of The Year. If you have yet to find out who won the individual categories, make sure you click here first!!!

This year’s awards are structured differently. This year, the way the Best Song of 2017 was chosen is based on 50% fan votes (which was conducted over the voting period of December 2017) and the other 50% is based on the Weekly KPOP Charts that I publish every Sunday.

So without further ado, I present you the Best Song of 2017 along with the rankings that determined the Best Song. I have only published the Top 50 on this site, but if you want to see a full listing, scroll down to the end to find the link which will send you there.

Pos. Song Artist
1 Peek-A-Boo Red Velvet
2 Don’t Wanna Cry Seventeen
3 Red Flavour Red Velvet
4 Likey Twice
5 Beautiful Monsta X
6 Really Really Winner
7 Rollin’ Brave Girls
8 Clap Seventeen
9 Gashina Sunmi
10 As If It Is Your Last BLACKPINK
11 Yes I Am Mamamoo
12 Hands Up B.A.P
14 Power EXO
15 Never Ever GOT7
16 Honeymoon B.A.P
17 Like This Pentagon
18 You In Me KARD
19 Remember Nine Muses
20 Crazy Sexy Cool ASTRO
21 Universe EXO
22 Spring Day BTS
24 I (knew it) Sonamoo
25 I Like You DAY6
26 You Are GOT7
27 Wake Me Up B.A.P
28 Hwi Hwi Laboum
29 Beautiful Wanna One
30 Energetic Wanna One
31 Love Whisper GFriend
32 Black Suit Super Junior
33 I’ll Be Yours Girl’s Day
34 Baby ASTRO
35 Signal Twice
36 Twinkle Lovelyz
37 Dramarama Monsta X
38 Rumour K.A.R.D
39 Heart Shaker TWICE
40 Chase Me Dreamcatcher
41 Good Night Dream Catcher
42 Holiday SNSD
43 Happy Cosmic Girls
44 365 Fresh Triple H
45 Whisper VIXX LR (VIXX)
46 Fingertips Gfriend
47 Where You At NU’EST W
48 Just U Jung Sewoon
49 I Wish WJSN (Cosmic Girls)
50 I Smile DAY6

To see the full charts (Position 1 to 236), click on the link here to be transported to a Google Spreadsheet. Click on the tab at the bottom of the page that says ‘End of Year Charts’.

Congratulations to Red Velvet and their November release, Peek-A-Boo, who has ranked the top song of 2017 and hence, The Best Song of 2017.


It is the end of the year and you probably know what time it is, the annual KPOPREVIEWED AWARDS. Last year, I posted a survey to improve the site and one of the questions asked were in regards to the End of Year Charts. Essentially, a large majority of the people who participated in the survey wanted to participate somehow in the charts.

Hence, this year, you will all be able to vote for your favourite songs of  2017. On top of that, you will be able to all vote in various categories (best new artists, groups, soloists choreography, music videos etc.) for this year’s KPOPREVIEWED AWARDS.

I have hand-selected the nominees for each category and you can only select one nominee per category. You must vote in all categories and you can vote as many times as you want. The winners, which will be entirely fan chosen, will be unveiled on the 10th of January 2018. I will also be doing a ‘KPOPREVIEWED choice’so you can see who I thought was worthy of the category (it may not be who you all vote for).

For the ‘Best Song Of The Year’ award, you are able to nominate 5 songs (TITLE TRACKS ONLY – REFER TO LINK BELOW SURVEY FOR A LIST OF SONGS) by typing them into the field. Make sure to include the artist and make it clear so I can understand who and which song you will be nominating. The ‘Best Song Of The Year’ award will be the song that tops the usual ‘End Of Year Charts’. It will be decided by your votes & the weekly KPOP charts.

If you have trouble seeing the survey below, click on this link to take you to the survey.


Finally, the following is a timeline to the 2017 KPOPREVIEWED AWARDS and when to expect the results:

VOTING OPENS – 7th of December (9PM AEST)
VOTING CLOSES – 31st of December (11:59 PM AEST)
KPOPREVIEWED AWARDS – 10th January 2018
END OF YEAR CHARTS – 15th January 2018

Support your favourites and get voting!!!!

2016 End Of Year Charts

Better late than never, I guess. Welcome to the End Of Year Charts for the year of 2016. This took a little longer to do than what I had anticipated. I do this annually to rank the songs released in the year and see which songs top the year.

As usual, I utilised the original review score, but also re-reviewed the song, videos and performance (where applicable). An increment was given to songs released in the last four months of the year. However, this year’s way of ranking is a little different to previous years. This is because this year I took time out to try to record the number of times I listened to the song (as accurately as I can). Also included is the weekly charts that I did since May (while they weren’t launched until July 2016).

The final addition to this year’s chart (i.e. the weekly charts) also meant that the songs released after May would have been ranked higher than songs released prior to May. One of the few things I observed with the charts. I have also coloured and bolded the songs that I put forward in the KPOPreviewed awards (Part 1 here and Part 2 here) as Best Song of the years to see how they ranked on the charts.

Here are some other facts/rules for the songs to be on the charts:

  • 215 songs were included in the chart (but only the top 100 is published this year).
  • The first song to be included in this year’s chart is iKON’s Dumb and Dumber. The last song eligible to be on the charts is EXO’s For Life.
  • To appear on the charts, the song must have been replayed for over 10 times. Some songs were removed as they failed to make that requirement.
  • EXO had the most songs (6 songs) on the charts this year (Lotto, Lucky One, Monster, Hey Mama, For Life and Dancing King (ft. Yoo Jae Suk)). Mamamoo, Seventeen, BTS, Oh My Girl and VIXX followed behind with 3 songs on the charts each.

So without further ado, I present to you the final chart of 2016.

No. Title Artist
1 Very Nice Seventeen
2 Decalcomanie Mamamoo
3 TT Twice
4 Hard Carry GOT7
5 The Rain Ladies Code
6 Blood, Sweat & Tears BTS
7 Very Very Very I.O.I
8 The Closer VIXX
9 Hey Mama EXO-CBX
10 Sky Dive B.A.P
11 Pretty U Seventeen
12 Secret Cosmic Girls
13 Russian Roulette Red Velvet
14 The Eye Infinite
15 Windy Day Oh My Girl
16 Find Me Hyosung (Secret)
17 I’ll Be Your Man BTOB
18 Confession Astro
19 Playing With Fire BLACKPINK
20 Fantasy VIXX
21 Fighter Monsta X
22 Tell Me What To Do SHINee
23 You’re The Best Mamamoo
24 I Like That Sistar
25 Last Dance Big Bang
26 Why So Lonely Wonder Girls
27 Ti Amo T-Ara
28 Beside Me Davichi
29 Navierilla GFriend
30 Toy Block B
31 Chewing Gum NCT Dream
32 Carnival Gain (Brown Eyed Girls)
33 For Life EXO
34 Boom Boom Seventeen
35 Rough Gfriend
36 Dynamite VIXX
37 Fri.Sat.Sun Dal Shabet
38 Secret Time Spica
40 White Night UP10TION
41 Fire BTS
42 FxxK It Big Bang
43 Listen To My Word (Aing~) Oh My Girl
44 Don’t Believe Berry Good
45 Paradise Hyorin (Sistar)
46 Fly GOT7
47 Give It To Me Seven
48 Stuck Monsta X
49 Save Me BTS
50 Oh NaNa K.A.R.D
51 Feel So Good B.A.P
52 Destiny Lovelyz
53 Lollipop IMFACT
54 Can’t Help Myself Eric Nam
55 Stalker UKISS
56 One More Day Sistar
57 Hit Me MOBB ft. Kush
58 Lucky One EXO
59 Doo Doom Chit Crayon Pop
60 Queen History
61 On The Way Home Sunny Hill
62 Shooting Love Laboum
63 Bobby Doll Song Ji Eun (Secret)
64 Love Is Davichi
65 Ribbon Beast
66 How People Move AKMU
67 Whatta Man I.O.I
68 Monster EXO
69 1 of 1 SHINee
70 Free Somebody Luna (f(x))
71 Take Me Now FT Island
72 It’s Raining Snuper
73 Lotto EXO
74 Journey to Atlantis Laboum
75 Angel Berry Good
76 Knock KNK
77 Nodding Woohyun (Infinite)
78 Liar Liar Oh My Girl
79 U KNK
80 Aphrodite B.I.G
81 Letting Go Day6
82 Home Run GOT7
83 I’m Fine VICTION
84 Here I Am Yesung (Super Junior)
85 Borders Amber (f(x))
86 Lip 2 Lip Nine Muses A
87 Only One APINK
88 Bingo 24K
89 Dancing King EXO x Yoo Jae Suk
90 Body Mino (Winner)
91 Cheer Up Twice
92 Heartbreak Hotel Tiffany (SNSD) ft. Simon D
93 Better Day 100%
94 She Vromance
95 Gorilla Pentagon
96 11:11 Taeyeon (SNSD)
97 Dream Suzy (Miss A) & Baekhyun (EXO)
98 Good Luck AOA
99 New York Mamamoo
100 Somebody Like U Dal Shabet

KPOPREVIEWED 2016 Awards – Part 2

Click here to see the list of nominees for this year’s awards and scroll down to find out who wins!!!

If you have yet to see Part 1 (which also explains this corner) please click here.


2016 saw a lot of new boy groups make their debut on the stage. Compiling the list of nominees for this section was extra hard because there were so many great debuts that just missed out on a spot on the list. The winner of the Best Male Rookie Group 2016 is Astro, who made continuous comebacks after their debut, pushing them into the spotlight. Honourable mentions are given to VRomance for their debut song, She.


Like the male rookie group section above, a lot of girl groups made their debut in 2016. And a lot of them provided us with the hottest tracks of the year. WJSN, otherwise known as Cosmic Girls, made their debut with Mo Mo Mo and came back with one of the best tracks of the year: Secret. They are my pick for Best Female Rookie Group. Honourable Mentions goes to BlackPink and I.O.I (It was very hard to choose for this category).


As every other year, solo artists are debuting and making comebacks. 2016 saw the long-awaited debuts of some main vocalists of different idol groups and the return of solo artists that we have known for a while. The winner has to be Zico (Block B) with his ballad track: I Am You, You are Me. This one track alone has been a chart topper and gave the rapper a new side. Honourable mention goes to Eric Nam and his surge in popularity this year with his releases.


2016 was a very big year for female solo artists. Like the male solo artist awards, big names came back, while long-awaited debuts were made. My pick for the winner of Best Female Soloist goes to Taeyeon (SNSD). Her singles have been remarkable thus far. Honourable mentions goes to Hyosung (Secret), whose song is still being replayed, half a year after release.


So many to consider. Can’t count with my fingers for this category and the next. But it has been a big year for male groups (and likewise female groups). Out of all the artists, I have to pick Seventeen as the group that stood out the most and hence are the winners here. As for honourable mentions, GOT7 takes it this year.


As mentioned above, girl groups have also had a very big year in KPOP. And there were too many to count as well. But my overall pick for Best Female Group has to be Mamamoo. 2016 has been their best year yet and I hope there are even better years to come. Oh My Girl receives honourable mentions for their releases of high quality and catchy songs.


Now, I promised album reviews this year and my apologies, I failed to deliver. I asked you guys again (thanks to everyone who contributed to the survey) and album reviews are still something you guys want. I can’t review every one of them, but I will try my best to cover the main and biggest releases. As for 2016, Wings released by BTS as their 2nd Studio album is my pick for best album. I also thoroughly enjoyed the songs released by B.A.P as their third studio album, Carnival, which also takes Honourable Mention.


Many great videos were released this year. From amazing plots to great cinematography, or just the standard video that looks amazing, 2016 had it all. My picks for both the winner and honourable mention were videos that were long in length, but one focused on an action-packed story and the other for its complexity. The winner is B.A.P‘s Skydive and honourable mention goes to BTS‘s Blood Sweat & Tears.


And as with every year, KPOP groups and solo artists have amazing dances that should be commended. There were so many top contenders, that it was quite hard to compile the list of ten. But nonetheless, my pick for best dance would have to be GOT7‘s Hard Carry and honourable mention goes to The Eye by Infinite.



The hardest award to decide for. Hahaha… I put down 22 songs for this award. 22 amazing songs. And now I have to narrow the list to just 1. The difficulties. That being said, I won’t announce it words. Just watch the video below. But before that, let’s look at the honourable mentions that I manage to narrow down from that list of 22. Hover over the pictures to find out who and which song were picked. Note that these honourable mentions or the winners are not chosen via the end of year charts, but my thoughts alone.

And my pick of Best Song of 2016 goes to……



Congratulations to all winners, honourable mentions and nominees. Everyone in general!!

KPOPREVIEWED 2016 Awards – Part 1

I am officially back everyone. And finally, I am moving along with the posts. This is the replacement to the normal Best of the Bests that I do at the end of each year. Essentially, they are the same thing, just a different name for them. This is just for fun and is just my thoughts relayed into a post. I did want to include you guys in the voting this time around, but because of my vacation, I had skipped over it. Maybe next year, if nothing pops up.

I usually post the nominees up in a separate post. However, because of time constraints, I have linked the nominees on a separate page by clicking the link below, instead of writing them out.



This award goes to the groups that have seen the most growth in 2016. Past winners have risen from the rookie status (usually) or ‘nugu’ status and conquered the year they were awarded in. Looking back there are a number groups that took over 2016. But the rising star award goes to Twice and Seventeen. It is quite obvious why. Both groups had a following already in 2015 but 2016 saw more success, proving them to be a force to look out for.


This award is self-explanatory, given to the song that has the best instrumental. This is something that I talk about in review and is vital to the song (though I have heard amazing acapella in the past). It seems like simple took out the award this year with the instrumental of The Rain by Ladies Code taking out the award. But don’t worry because the EDM based song Fire by BTS took out Honourable Mention.


Comeback after comeback after comeback. It is like shifting through a needle in a haystack. Any artist could have been nominated for this but I chose VIXX as the winner for this. Their comebacks have been consistent but unique each time. Their releases have you asking what they have planned next. As for honourable mentions, BTS takes it. Given their releases in the past year, I have to say I was very impressed.


It seems like subunits have dropped off the trends list this year. Actually, they have become quite rare. That being said, there have been some notable subunits in 2016. My pick for the winner is EXO-CBX, which consists of Chen, Baekhyun and Xiumin. Their song, Hey Mama, was extremely catchy and fun to listen to. Honourable mention go to NCT Dream for their release of the fun and equally catchy Chewing Gum (plus they performed on hoverboards).


Not a big fan of rapping but I have to be honest, there are many great rappers here that show me otherwise. A few rappers in idol groups have released mixtapes this year as part of their solo work, further showing their influence on the industry. The winner I have chosen is Zico (Block B). All of his solo releases and collaborations have been extremely popular and successful in the past year. Honourable mention goes  Suga (BTS), whose mixtape and work within BTS have also amazed me this year.


Vocals are something that I admire the most. So, it was rather hard for me to narrow down just 5 nominees, particularly since there were more shows where vocalists of different idol groups and actors/actresses could participate in. My radar jumped when I heard the winner sing on those shows. I am talking about Sandeul (B1A4), whose voice sounded amazing in his solo work and collaborations on Duet Song Festival. I chose Mamamoo for honourable mention as their vocals are no joke, slaying with almost everything they release.


Collaborations are still popular and with SM Entertainment’s SM Station in full effect for 2016, we saw a more diverse range of collaborations that have never been seen before. My pick for the best collaboration of 2016 is Hit Me by MOBB, which is a collaboration between Mino (Winner) and Bobby (iKON). Honourable mentions go to Tiffany (SNSD) and SanE for their SM Station track, Heartbreak Hotel.


These songs include songs that were simply released as a part of the album but forgotten as it was never promoted. Some of them were performed with the title track for one week but have since not been performed. Songs that deserve some sort of recognition as well. My pick of honourable mention is I Miss You by Mamamoo, which was included in their first studio album. The winner of the best non-title song goes to Sistar with their track: String. String is actually one of the few songs that are not a title track that was replayed constantly on my phone.

To find the second part of the 2016 KPOPREVIEWED Awards, Click Here!!!


2015 BOBs (Best Of the Best) – Part 2

015 is at its end, and with days away from the new year, we must reflect on 2015. And per usual: excellent songs, videos and dances have gracefully entered our lives and probably have not yet left us. From comebacks from big name acts to debuts of new rookie bands, 2015 has been a splendid year in my opinion. This year I decided to do the BOBs differently. Usually, I post a list of nominees and categories, but I don’t get you guys to vote for them (nor do I have the capabilities and time to allow you guys to vote for them, but maybe in the future), so I thought I should change it up this year, but posting both nominees and winners in the same post. This is part 2 of the BOBs and part1 was released yesterday (Click Here). Also, the traditional End of Year Charts will be released on the 31st of December, at 11:55 pm, so please wait around for that. Let’s get the post on the road!!!

These awards do not reflect any review score that I gave out this year. My personal preferences will always change (i.e. an 8 review score can currently be a 10 OR a 10 review score can currently by an 8).

RED FONT – Winners, BLUE FONT – Honourable Mention


Once again, 2015 saw many debuting groups enter the KPOP scene. And this category obviously allows me to pick who i saw as the best new male artist of 2015. And boy were the standards high this year. The nominees are:


I have to give it to Seventeen. They were the only new boy group on the block that left a massive long impression on me since their debut at the start of the year til now. At first 13 members may have sounded a little too much, but the songs they were releasing proved otherwise. Honourable mentions goes to Monsta X who only popped on my radar in the past few weeks. Yeah, their debut did not do much, but what they released after did a lot.


Same as the above category, many new girl group emerged from the shadows and wowed a lot of people. Most not if all female rookies managed to amaze me and picking the nominees for this category had been one of the hardest things to do this year. The nominees are:


Hands down, it automatically goes to GFriend. As soon as they started, they had the press all over them and their comeback proved to be highly successful, ranking high on the charts. As for honourable mention… I am literally torn between Oh My Girl and Twice. Yeah, Oh My Girl did not do as well for this debut, but their comeback exceed my expectations so much (why? Find out later) but I am going to give it to Twice, as they have only released one song and also ranked incredibly high on the charts.


One of the things that make KPOP so unique is obviously the choreography and performances. And this year saw an amazing variety of performances and dances that made fans all for certain groups harder than ever. Each of the nominees that made it onto the list truly deserve to be the winner as they were all equally unique and amazing. I nominated:


Screw the MAMA awards. The male category was a mess for Best Male Dance Performance. However, I am here to fix it. I am putting BTS – Dope as the best dance of the year. Yes. BTS was not nominated at all and that is so disappointing. Dope was such as “dope” dance that was in sync and perfectly executed. As for honourable mention, GOT7 – If You Do takes it away. Though it was nominated, but it did not win. And I was incredibly disappointed. Anyway, I can say this: all of the nominated dances deserve an award.


Albums. Not my favourite thing to talk about. Mainly because there are songs on some albums that disappoint me, and hence I sometimes stay away from albums because of that. Each album is looked at as a whole and also each individual song is looked at in detail. I don’t listen to entire albums a lot, but here is a list of just some albums I did manage to listen to as a whole. The nominees are:


At of all of those albums above, there were two stands out. The winner was F(x) – 4Walls, their 4th album. I have to say each and every song on this album I adore to the point where all the songs on there have become more memorable than certain comebacks of big name artists. Honourable mentions goes to Brown Eyed Girls – Basic, their 6th full length album. The album came extremely closely to being the winner, but I do not personally feel the same level of excitement when I listen to the album.


Music videos per usual is an artists main form of promotion. And this year, the music videos released were to of an extremely high standard. Each of these music videos have some unique about them and that is what stood out to me. I chose these based on plot, cinematography, sets or scenery, acting (if applicable) and editing. The nominees I saw fit these categories were:


I think the simplicity was the key for me this year. G.Soul – You won Best Music Video in my point of view. There is essentially nothing in this video beside the singer himself and some lights. But yet it managed to become such an amazing video. Honourable mentions goes to FT Island – Pray. Their concept was so amazing that it was incredibly hard to pass up this video.



Now let’s get down to business. I like to call this and the next category “the best artist of the year”. But since KPOP is highly populated with groups, I split them up into genders and call the categories “group”. The female groups this year have successfully wowed me (and probably everyone else this year), with many people being able to pick a favourite. The nominees for Best Female Group are:


I think I am going to agree with the ongoing trend and give it to EXID. From Up and Down, released last year, EXID shot into the limelight with a fancam of Hani and have since re-promoted Up and Down, came back with Ah Yeah and more recently Hot Pink. Each time they make a comeback, they go on to prove their popularity. As for Honourable Mention: Red Velvet. Their successful year yet, and I am 100% sure that better years will come. Ice Cream Cake and Dumb Dumb will remain as favourites for me.


Now let’s move onto the guys. The competition was so tough this year. At first, I managed to list around 20 different male groups that I think deserve this award, but I only ended up choosing 10 nominees. It was so hard. But here are my choices:


I am going to choose GOT7 as the best boy group of the year. GOT7 released three songs: Just Right, If You Do and Winter’s Confession. Put together, GOT7 had one busy year and I saw a very large amount of growth in terms of the boys’ talents and sound. As for honourable mention, it would got to BTS. For this year, BTS has definitely matured and showed an ever fiercer and more powerful side of the group.


This category, each year proves to be my worst enemy. It is so hard to choose my most favourite song. This particular category is not influenced (in any way) by the charts that I am releasing tomorrow. The “best song of the year” chosen here are like my subconscious mind speaking, whom I really want to see be given the title. The charts tomorrow are more calculated and take into account my reviews during the year and what my current thoughts about them are. But as I said choosing this category is the hardest. So many songs deserve this title and if I could choose to give out multiple “Best Song” awards I can. The nominees are:


Let’s start with the honourable mentions: GOT7 – If You Do, Oh My Girl – Closer, EXID – Hot Pink & Seventeen – Mansae.

And finally, I give to you, 2015’s Best Song of the Year, which you can probably tell already by the video linked below.

EXID – Ah Yeah

Congratulations, EXID. 2015 has been proven to be your year. You can watch the music video for this year’s Best Song below!


And that is it for Part 2 of the BOBs. Check back tomorrow, for the End Of Year Charts. And then, lets all wait for the New Year to come rolling through? Got your New Year’s Resolution yet?

*All images and gifs belong to their owners/creators. Only those tables are mine.

2015 BOBs (Best Of the Best) – Part 1

2015 is at its end, and with days away from the new year, we must reflect on 2015. And per usual: excellent songs, videos and dances have gracefully entered our lives and probably have not yet left us. From comebacks from big name acts to debuts of new rookie bands, 2015 has been a splendid year in my opinion. This year I decided to do the BOBs differently. Usually, I post a list of nominees and categories, but I don’t get you guys to vote for them (nor do I have the capabilities and time to allow you guys to vote for them, but maybe in the future), so I thought I should change it up this year, but posting both nominees and winners in the same post. This is part 1 of the BOBs and part 2 will be released tomorrow with the rest of the categories. Also, the traditional End of Year Charts will be released on the 31st of December, at 11:55 pm, so please wait around for that. Let’s get the post on the road!!!

These awards do not reflect any review score that I gave out this year. My personal preferences will always change (i.e. an 8 review score can currently be a 10 OR a 10 review score can currently by an 8).

RED FONT – Winners, BLUE FONT – Honourable Mention


Each year, artists see a rise in popularity. May that be due to great songs or great publicity (after all: any publicity is good publicity), this year was no difference.  Each of these artists, I have personally seen, some sort of boost in popularity this year. And I get to choose two winners (one male and one female) for this certain category. For this year, I have nominated:


My pick is: EXID and BTOB. Both teams saw a rise in popularity due to one particular member, and slowly each member in each group is become well known in the industry. Keep up the good work, EXID and BTOB!!!


A song is not a song without an instrumental. And in KPOP, the instrumental plays a massive part in hooking us in and getting us addicted to the music. Especially for foreign and international fans who don’t understand the Korean language 100%. So many great instrumentals this year, here are the nominees:


Out of all the nominees, there can be only one winner: Wonder Girls – I Feel You. The girls returned to the stage with a brand new band concept, which totally wowed me. This instrumental has its own retro vibe and I personally enjoyed it a lot. From the drums to the keyboard and guitars, the girls totally deserve this. By far one of the most underrated songs, that definitely deserve an award! Honourable Mentions: F(x) – 4Walls


I also do some Japanese songs on this site. Hahaha… Yeah, I review some Japanese songs from time to time. The variety of singers that I listen to for Japanese songs is usually limited to only the Japanese songs released by Korean artists. This year, the category has been dominated by Korean artists and I hope next year, I can start to review more Japanese artists! Here are the nominees:


I think, I was most addicted to Beast – Can’t Wait To Love You. And that was my pick for Best Japanese Song. It was song that I felt did not fall into the typical Korean Pop or Japanese Pop genres and was pretty unique on its own. As for honourable mentions: BTS – For You.


Big name comebacks this occurred and they all managed to rock our socks off. Hahaha… I take into account: song, concept, promotions, looks, impact and a few more categories and suprisngly, the biggest artists that emerge from the Golden Age of KPOP were nominated:

bestcomebackOut of all the comebacks nominated, the one that fitted the criteria the most would have been Big Bang. 2015 was one big year for the band, and they had such an unique concept in terms of promotion. SNSD takes away honourable mention for this category.


Unfortunately, 2015 did not continue the 2014 trend of subunits. However, some new subunits formed from popular bands and some old favourite returned. Here is who I think should be nominated as best subunit:


This one was a little close for me. But I am going to say Donghae and Eunhyuk, which is a subunit belonging to Super Junior. Their song was by far an amazing and left a more long lasting impact on me than the others. The other subunit that gets honourable mention is VIXX LR, which is a duo made up of Leo and Ravi.


2015 saw a new wave of contestant based TV shows around rapping and hence many artists have seen a boost in popularity after appearing on these shows. Other rappers also remained on stage as part of their groups and amazed the audience continuously during each comeback. Here are the nominees:


Out of all the rappers on the light, I picked Mad Clown as a winner. His song was a hit, it was a great song (now) and while he is not part of some group, he still managed to be placed ahead of everyone this year. Zico (Block B) took out Honourable Mention for his active year. Interestingly enough, both selected artists had someone featuring in their song.


When there are rappers, there are also singers. 2015 also saw new programs (and our old favourites) made specifically for the vocalists of all groups. Some vocalists we know have always amazed us, but others have just emerged and became trends for 2015. Based purely on what they sound like, here are the nominees:


I think this category has the most obvious winner, Taeyeon (SNSD). Yeah, she was quite active as an artist, but her debut for I blew everyone away. As for honourable mention, it goes to Solji (EXID). Her performance of Maria still replays in my head. Her powerful vocals in EXID’s performance are also quite amazing.


While the above category looked like at vocal performance, the Best Male Soloist looks at their vocal performance, song, impact and dance (if applicable) – i.e. their comeback or debut as a collective. To be nominated, the artists must have been active as a solo artist this year (while the above also included group vocalists). The nominees are:


There is only one artist on this list that managed to wow me the very moment I listened to the song and that artist is Kim Sung Gyu (Infinite). His whole album did wonders and is an album that I am continuously going back to. As for honourable mentions, Lee Hong Ki (FT Island) wins that. His solo debut song was well received and I reviewed it as an amazing ballad.


While the above category(Best Vocalist) looked like at vocal performance, the Best Female Soloist looks at their vocal performance, song, impact and dance (if applicable) – i.e. their comeback or debut as a collective. To be nominated, the artists must have been active as a solo artist this year (while the above also included group vocalists). The nominees are:


Once again, I am going to give it to Taeyeon (SNSD). Vocally, stunning. It was memorable and lovely to listen to. Honourable Mention was a close call, but Amber (F(x)) stole it from Gain (Brown Eyed Girls). So catchy and bright.

And that is it for Part 1 of the BOBs. Check back tomorrow, where I will post the second part of the BOBs, with Best Song, Best Male and Female Rookie; and Best Male and Female groups (plus a few more categories).

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